The first anatomy exam was made up of two parts: a written exam and a practical exam. The practical exam involved walking around the anatomy lab and identifying different labeled organs and structures on various cadavers. Half the class had been randomly assigned to take the practical exam first, and Jan found herself in that lucky half.

While she waited outside the lab, she watched the other students in her class. She had never seen such an anxious bunch of people—the tension was palpable. Cindy usually was a bit of a chatterbox, but now she stood with her back against the wall, staring down at her sneakers. Several students were pacing in front of the door to the lab.

The only student in the room who appeared totally calm was Jake. He looked so cool and composed, he may as well have been smoking a joint. She knew how much he cared about his grade, so his calm attitude was either a really good acting job or a tribute to how much he had studied.

A hush fell over the nervous crowd as Dr. Callahan wheeled past them to unlock the door to the lab. The students allowed him a minute to enter the room before quickly filtering inside to line up by the cadavers. Jan picked her own cadaver to start with, since she figured she knew it the best.

Dr. Callahan wheeled to the front of the room. All eyes were on him, waiting for his instructions. He smiled, his blue eyes twinkling, “Why does everyone look so nervous?”

The students were too scared to manage even a polite laugh.

Dr. Callahan cleared his throat: “As I went over with you before, you’ve got one minute to identify each pinned structure and one minute for each X-ray. When the time is up, I’ll call out ‘next station’.” He looked around the room. “And don’t worry, the test really isn’t that hard. Any questions?”

No hands raised.

He held up a stopwatch in his left hand, “Okay, then begin!”

Jan looked down at the first structure to identify. The pin was secured into a blood vessel that seemed to be running into the back of the heart. Or was it the front of the heart? It was her own cadaver that she had been working on for a month, yet she felt like she had no idea what she was looking at. She could already see the red F on the top of her paper.

Jan lifted her eyes from the cadaver and instead looked over at Dr. Callahan. He was shuffling through some papers on his lap, intermittently glancing at his watch. She watched as he grabbed the wheels of his chair and shifted his weight in the seat. She wondered what kind of kisser he was. She wondered when the last time he had kissed a woman had been. She was good at sizing up professors and she could tell that Andrew Callahan wasn’t getting any action--at least, he hadn’t been any time in the recent past.

She guessed this anatomy exam was probably the highlight of his week. Hell, maybe it was the highlight of his month.

Dr. Callahan, you don’t know it yet, but you’re about to get the thrill of your life.

She smiled. And then I’m going to give you the surprise of your life.

Dr. Callahan lifted his eyes from his watch. “Next station!”


Jan didn’t have a good feeling about the exam, but she recognized that she wasn’t the only one. Several students leaving the exam room looked close to tears, including Cindy. Her roommate ran out of the room, with her face buried in her palms, making a beeline for the ladies room. Jan felt a sting of guilt that she didn’t follow Cindy to attempt to comfort her. It just didn’t make sense to her that someone could be so upset about a grade. Good thing a pretty girl like Cindy didn’t have the same agenda as she did.

Jan lingered behind her classmates because she didn’t want to discuss the exam. She noticed Dr. Callahan at the front of the room, gathering up the test papers. There were over a hundred students in the class and he was lowering the stacks exam papers into a cart with wheels. She wondered if it was too soon to make her move with the professor. Usually she waited until that first failing grade came back.

“Need any help?” she finally asked him.

Dr. Callahan looked up in surprise and once again, she was surprised by his vivid blue eyes. She had to admit, Dr. Callahan was a pretty good looking guy. Someone who likely wouldn’t have had any trouble getting women if he wasn’t in a wheelchair. “No thanks, Janice,” he said. She was impressed how he seemed to know the name of every student in the class. “My secretary will come to pick up the tests. I’m just helping her out by loading them in the cart.”

“It’s Jan, actually,” she said. “I mean, that’s what everyone calls me.”

“Jan,” he repeated. He smiled at her. “So how did you find the test, Jan?”

Impossible. “It was a breeze,” she replied.

He raised his eyebrows at her. “Really?”

His skepticism was warranted, she supposed, after her performance on the quizzes and in the lab. And her exam paper wasn’t going to offer him any surprises. “Sure,” she said.

“Well, I hope you’re right,” Dr. Callahan said. She believed he meant it. She had never seen a professor who cared about his students as much as Dr. Callahan appeared to. She almost felt a guilty about what she was going to do to him.



Jan treated herself to a movie after the exam, although her ulterior motive was that she wanted to stay away from Cindy for the day. She knew her roommate was a wreck right now and she didn’t want to take on the job of comforting her. She was hoping that Cindy would have cried herself to sleep by the time she got back.

Jan felt a little guilty that she hadn’t been a better friend to Cindy. It wasn’t that she specifically disliked Cindy, but she hadn’t had a close friend in a very long time. Maybe ever. She justified it by saying that she couldn’t take the chance that a friend might find out what she was up to and rat her out, but the truth was that it was hard for Jan to be close to anyone. It was something that had been difficult for her as long as she could remember. That was why it was easier to have a bunch of meaningless affairs with her professors than to actually find a real relationship.

She was encouraged when she got home and saw the lights were out in her bedroom. She reached out to open the door when she heard a giggle coming from within the room. She felt a sinking sensation in her stomach as she threw open the door and saw that Cindy was indeed in bed, but she wasn’t alone.

“Oh, I don’t believe this,” Jan muttered. She had guessed that at some point Cindy would end up in bed with Jake, but this was sooner than she had thought. She slammed the bedroom door behind her as she stormed back out to the common area and plopped herself down on the couch, still fuming as she clicked on the television.

After several minutes of VH1, Cindy emerged from the bedroom wearing her robe and looking very guilty. She slid onto the couch next to Jan. “I was upset,” she explained. “He was comforting me.”

Jan turned off the television and folded her arms across her chest, “So you’ve forgotten all about David, I guess.”

Cindy’s face turned red. “No, I… I don’t know… I mean, I love David, but it feels like we’ve grown apart the last month or two.”

“And I guess Jake is your soulmate, huh?”

Cindy didn’t reply. She picked at a piece of fuzz on her robe.

“Look, I don’t care,” Jan said, “just please, don’t fuck him in our bedroom, okay?”

“We weren’t…” Cindy didn’t complete her sentence. “Okay,” she said.


Jan wasn’t terribly surprised when she received an email from Dr. Callahan, informing her that she had failed her first anatomy exam. Cindy had been jumping cartwheels since yesterday because Callahan had given in to her teary pleas and admitted that she passed. Or at least, that was Cindy’s story. It wouldn’t be the first time that a lonely professor tacked on a few extra points for a pretty face.

Dr. Callahan’s email to her had a note at the bottom: “Please come see me after class tomorrow.”

Ah, the “come see me” note. Always the start of something interesting.

Jan showed up at his office around 6:30PM, when most of her classmates were either home or crowded into the library. His office was just around the corner from the anatomy lab and she wondered if he could smell the formaldehyde from there. Of course, he was probably used to the smell by now. Maybe it smelled good to him.

Dr. Callahan should have been home having dinner with his family, but since he lived alone, he was still in his office. Jan knocked on his door.

“Come in,” he called out. “It’s open.”

She opened the door to his office and shut it behind her. Dr. Callahan was working on his computer, but he turned to face her as she walked in. Jan had to admit that Dr. Callahan was younger and better looking than any of the professors she had slept with in the past. If not for the wheelchair, she was sure she wouldn’t have had a chance of seducing him. But as it was, she could tell he’d be a pushover.

“Jan,” he began. He folded his hands together and looked up at her. “I’m glad to see you. Would you have a seat, please?”

She had worn a skirt just for the occasion. She slid into the chair in front of his desk and crossed her right leg over the left.

“Jan, you probably realized that I wanted to talk to you about the exam,” Dr. Callahan said. There was a crease between his dark eyebrows.

She nodded.

“Your grade was…” he bit his lip. “Jan, I’ve very concerned that you’re not studying enough. Anatomy is a lot of memorization and you… well… you missed a lot of basic information. I went through your exam very carefully and I’m worried that you’re just not making an effort.”

She lowered her eyes. “I just don’t have a great memory. I swear I’m trying my best.” Well, sort of. It was easy to slack off when she knew she had an ace in the hole.

“It can be a very difficult transition from college to medical school,” he acknowledged. “I know that. Is there anything going on in your life that’s keeping you from studying enough?”

Jan felt her eyes filling up with fake tears. She rested her elbows on his desk and buried her face in her hands. If Dr. Callahan were smart, he would have figured out where this was going.

“Jan…” he said gently. He had wheeled around his desk to her side and she felt his hand on her shoulder.

Oh Dr. Callahan, you don’t know it, but you’re about to get very lucky. We both are.

“Jan, you can talk to me…” he said. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

Oh, aren’t you nice and sensitive? Is that what they teach you in anatomy school?

“It’s just that,” she sniffled, “I feel like I’m all alone out here. I miss my family and I… I have no one…”

“Listen to me, Jan,” he said. “Everyone feels that way when they first start med school. Everyone. But I swear to you, you’re not alone.”

He put his hand on top of hers. His palm was very rough and calloused. She turned her own hand slightly so that she could grasp his fingers. “Thank you,” she said in a small voice. “Thank you for being so nice to me. You’re the only one who’s tried to help me in this place.”

He was leaning forward like she was, so that their faces were only inches apart. She wondered if he would kiss her first or if she’d be the one who had to make the first move.

“Jan,” he said. He was so close to her that she could feel his hot breath. “Have you ever…”

She raised her eyebrows at him.

“Have you ever considering seeing a therapist to talk about your problems?”

Jan’s face burned. “No,” she said.

“There’s a very good one who sees a lot of our students,” he said. “I really think she could help you.”

Jan nearly pounded her fists against the desk in frustration. Goddamn Dr. Callahan! He just wasn’t getting it. And nothing killed the mood like talking about a shrink. She sighed in frustration and leaned back in her seat. “Forget it, I’ll be okay,” she said.

Dr. Callahan frowned at her, “Are you sure?”

She nodded, “Very sure.”

“Let me write that name down for you anyway,” he said.

He pulled a pen out of the penholder on his desk, but accidentally knocked the holder onto the floor, spilling pens all over the place. Jan sighed again and got up to help him clean up the mess. God, what a clueless klutz. Just her luck.

She bent down on her knees, picking up what appeared to be an endless supply of pens. Dr. Callahan was bent over in his wheelchair, reaching past the legrests to pick up the pens within his armspan. When she had half a dozen pens in her hand, she felt his grasp on her wrist, “It’s okay, Jan. I can handle it.”

She looked up at his bright blue eyes. That’s when she noticed it: his gaze flitting down her neckline, to her very visible cleavage. It was just a second, but she saw it. And he knew that she saw it. She saw his face turn a bit red and she knew this was her chance. She put her fingers behind his neck and pulled his head down towards hers.

“Jan?” There was surprise and confusion on his face.

She pressed her lips onto his. At first he seemed frozen and stunned, but then she felt his arms drawing her closer to him, as she knew he would. Men were so easy to figure out. She had slept with at least a dozen professors and not one had managed to surprise her yet. Certainly, none of them had come close to turning her down.

Jan knew that she was a good kisser. Of the professors, they each kissed differently. Mr. Berne had kissed her hungrily, trying to get in every last drop of her before he got caught. Other professors kissed her like they were almost scared of her, with fear and guilt, others like they were doing her some kind of favor. Dr. Callahan kissed her gratefully. She liked the way that he kissed—it made her feel very desired.

She dictated how far they would go, which she already knew would be all the way. She was the one who unbuttoned her own blouse, slid off her own skirt, as he watched in what appeared to be utter amazement. As she began to unbutton his shirt, he looked up at her and grinned crookedly, “I never thought my day would end up like this.”

She returned his smile, “Are you glad?”

“You have no idea,” he murmured.

Jan straddled him in his wheelchair as she ran her fingers down his chest. The muscles of his shoulders and upper chest were very tight, almost impressive, but then there was an irregular scar just below his sternum, beneath which the muscles faded. She briefly wondered what had happened to him, what terrible accident had landed him in a chair for life. But he hadn’t offered any explanation and she didn’t want to ask and kill the mood.

Dr. Callahan ran his rough fingers over the smooth skin over her back as he pulled her close. He pressed his lips against hers again and she noticed that she was getting very wet. That was out of character for her—usually she would have to rub her clit with her fingers for a few minutes as she gave the professor oral sex. But now she realized that she not only was ready to go, but she desperately wanted him inside her.

Jan unbuttoned his pants with a bit of trepidation. If Dr. Callahan was paralyzed, she was worried he might have a urinary catheter or something along those lines. But when she pulled down his underwear, she saw that there was nothing of the kind. Although she was disappointed to see that he was still flaccid. That was a first.

“It’s normal… for me, at least,” he explained. “I can’t get hard without stimulation.”

“Oh,” she said. She bit her lip, “Can… can you feel it?”

He nodded, “Yeah, I have an incomplete spine injury, so I can feel a little bit. Just can’t move anything.”

Once again, Jan felt a flash of guilt, but she pushed it aside as she lowered her lips on her professor’s penis. He gently ran his hand through her dark hair as she felt him grow inside her mouth. When he started to moan, she knew he was ready.

She was so wet by that point that he slid right into her. It was hungry, passionate sex. As she pounded against him, he kissed her eagerly, like he couldn’t get enough of her. His moans escalated and she was surprised to realize that so had hers. She gripped the tight muscles of his shoulders as she exploded in what she realized was the first orgasm she had ever experienced during sex--she’d had several orgasms before, but they were all the result of masturbation. A minute later, Dr. Callahan’s body shook and he gripped her tightly before going limp.

Jan carefully stood up as Dr. Callahan slumped down in his chair and shook his head at her. “Wow, Jan. Jesus Christ…”

Jan tried not to let on how much her hands were shaking. Sex for grades had become almost routine for her, no more passionate than the act of studying. It was the only kind of sex she knew. Yet this had been different somehow and she wasn’t sure why. Really, Dr. Callahan was no different than any of the other professors she had slept with. So what if she had an orgasm? That didn’t mean anything. There was no reason for her to be fumbling to operate the buttons on her shirt. She could shake this off.

Dr. Callahan watched her intently as she got dressed, shaking his head the whole time. She had to admit that of all the professors she had been with, none of them seemed quite as smitten as Dr. Callahan.

“I should probably go, Dr. Callahan,” she said.

His face flushed slightly, “You can call me Andy. At least, in here you can.”

Jan usually didn’t drop the bombshell on them until the second time. Some of them seemed to see it coming, although less of them than she would have guessed. She was surprised how many of those bald old men thought that she was truly interested in them. For a lot of them, it was a huge blow to their egos. And Jan took pleasure in delivering it.

She could already see that the revelation was going to be a surprise to Dr. Callahan. She felt a few seedlings of guilt inside her chest, but tried her best to push them away.

Sorry, Andy, but I can’t afford to fail anatomy. Somebody’s got to get hurt and isn’t sure as hell isn’t going to be me.

To be continued...