Tonight is kind of an example of what’s so great about my relationship with Will.

We’re sitting in his living room, playing Legend of Zelda on his Wii. I used to play this game all the time when I was a kid, but it’s so much better on the Wii. Actually, maybe it’s not so much the Wii, but the fact that I’m playing with Will. We’re trying to defeat the boss in this particular dungeon, and even though I feel like a huge geek, I’m also having so much fun.

Will has transferred out of his wheelchair onto the couch beside me, which is what he usually does when we play games. When we were still friends, he used to sit at one end of the couch and I’d sit at the other end. Now he’s right next to me though. Sometimes when he doesn’t need his left hand, he puts it around my shoulders. After we solve a tricky puzzle, he kisses me.

I notice that while we’re playing, he’s gotten awfully close to me. I feel his elbow nudging against mine, and I smile at him. “You’re in my space, Caplan,” I complain.

“Am I?” he asks innocently as he leans more heavily against me.

I shove back against his arm and we wrestle gently for a second before he pins me against the couch and starts kissing me. Generally during sex, I’m on top, but for make-out sessions, he generally stays on top. He kisses me like he can’t get enough of me, more passionately than any guy has ever kissed me before. He’s not one of those guys who’s all over me all the time, but I think that’s just a show of restraint on his part.

Will is unbuttoning my blouse, our Wii controllers abandoned on the floor, when the intercom goes off. “Fuck,” Will says. We ordered pizza about thirty minutes ago and had of course forgotten all about it. “I better get that.”

Will’s got his cell phone rigged up to buzz people upstairs so he doesn’t have to get up and press the button on the intercom. He sits up, running his hair through his hair, and breathing slightly heavily. His legs have gotten a little twisted and I watch him adjust them. I’ve completely gotten used to the fact that he can’t move his legs on his own, but sometimes it does seem a little weird.

When the doorbell rings, I get up to answer the door. Before I even open the door, I can smell the pizza. There’s this tiny place about five blocks away from Will’s apartment that makes probably the best pizza in the city. And that’s a pretty significant statement, considering where we live. I mean, it’s not like they make the best pizza in Wisconsin or something. This is the best pizza in New York City, which might as well be the best pizza in the country.

The restaurant doesn’t deliver, but Will is such a loyal customer and add in the fact that he’s in a wheelchair, the guy who owns the place will send over his son to bring us a Hawaiian pizza when Will calls. After I tip the son and take in the pizza, the smell of it overwhelms me. I glance at Will, still looking a little flushed on the couch and eying me like he wants to continue where we left off.

“You want pizza, don’t you?” he finally says and laughs.

“It’s hard to decide,” I say. “I mean, the best two things in life are food and sex, right?”

“And video games,” he adds.

“And comic books,” I chip in.

Will stares at me. “God, Libby,” he says. “I can’t believe I’m 33 years old and I only just met you.”

Honestly, I was just thinking the same thing. Will is my soulmate. I’ve never felt that I fit so well with another person. I can’t believe in a city with millions of people, I managed to find my soulmate.

We decide to have the pizza first because it’s hot. Usually, I’m a one slice of pizza kind of girl. But when we order a whole pie, it seems kind of silly to just have one slice. So I started having two slices, and lately I’ve been matching Will’s three slices. The pizza is so good that it’s really hard to resist. But somehow Will can pack it away (somewhere) while I can’t. I’ve gained some weight.

If I were with Jude, I know he’d make a comment about the pounds I put on lately. But Will wouldn’t. I’m not sure if he doesn’t notice, but more likely, he just doesn’t care. I’ve never been with a guy who seemed to be attracted to me so unconditionally. I honestly believe that I could pack on fifty pounds and shave my head, and Will would still think I’m hot. It’s nice to feel that loved.

Still, I don’t want to get fat, just for myself. As I’m halfway through my third slice, I put it down and sigh regretfully. “What?” Will asked. “Full?”

“I just want to make sure my pants still fit tomorrow,” I say. “You don’t want to be dating the fat lady in the circus, do you?”

“I would if your tits look that fantastic,” he says.

I laugh because he’s kind of right. My tits have gotten a lot bigger lately. An unexpected bonus to my weight gain.

Will tosses his own half-eaten slice of pizza back into the box and pushes me gently down on the couch, ready to continue where he left off before the pizza arrived. He unbuttons my blouse and starts kissing my breasts. I slide my hand under the collar of his T-shirt and rub his back, but it’s hard to concentrate as his tongue expertly makes its way down my abdomen, and he unbuttons my shorts.

I don’t know how, but it seems like Will always has a new routine that he does when he goes down on me. He’s like some kind of artist. I try to hold out as long as I can, enjoying the sensation of his tongue flicking gently against my clitoris, but it’s too intense. I come once, then again, then again. Then a fourth time.

It’s amazing.

My one regret is that there doesn’t seem to be anything that I can do for Will that’s as intense as what he does for me. He can’t feel his penis and he can’t have an orgasm, so that limits me a lot right there. He loves it when I suck on his nipples or neck or earlobes, which is something I try to do for him a lot, but I know it’s just not as intense as what he does for me.

“What’s your biggest turn-on?” I asked him once.

“My biggest turn-on?” he repeated.

“Like what can I do to really drive you crazy?”

Will smiled. “You can let me make you come. That’s the hottest thing in the world to me.”

I guess I can’t argue with that.


Will has a work thing to go to tonight. “It’s a big party at my boss’s house,” he told me last week. “It’s going to be awful, but I have to go. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to keep me company…”

I didn’t say yes right away. I hadn’t seen Jude since I caught him with that girl in his bedroom and I wasn’t really looking forward to that confrontation.

“Jude won’t be there,” Will said. “He’s going to be in London.”

“In London?”

“We’ve got an office out there,” Will explained. “They’ve been sending Jude out there a lot lately. He’s considering transferring back there.”

I was shocked. Jude once told me he loves it here and that he’d never go back to London in a million years. I think it was kind of like a Superman thing. In Manhattan, he has the whole British charm thing going on, which makes it very easy for him to get girls. Whereas in London, all the guys are like that. “Wow,” I said, a sinking feeling in my chest. “I thought he loved living here.”

“He does, but…” Will frowned. “This isn’t because of you, Libby. Really.”

Except part of me thought maybe it somehow was. And that made me feel… well, I don’t know. The thing is, I don’t hate Jude. I probably should, but I don’t. He’s not a bad guy. He was just a really bad boyfriend.

I’ve got an incredible dress I’m wearing tonight. Will bought it for me. I’ve never had a guy buy me a dress before, to be honest, and I did feel a bit like he was my sugar daddy, but it just sort of worked out that way. It started out that I was trying to do Will a favor, actually. He has a cleaning woman that comes by once a week and does his laundry, but she was on vacation last week, so I told Will I would do his laundry.

Little did I know, you’re not supposed to wash ties in a washing machine apparently. I threw a bunch of Will’s ties in (which was really his fault for leaving them draped over his dresser like they were dirty) and they all got ruined. So we went to Macy’s and I helped him pick out some new ties.

I never knew that shopping for ties could be so sexy. We picked out a few of them and I sat in Will’s lap, tying them around his neck while he tried to distract me by kissing me. But I think ultimately it was good that I came with him because the new ties are way nicer than the old ones. It’s not that Will doesn’t have a good sense of style, but it’s nowhere near as good as mine.

And then Will bought me a dress to thank me for helping him pick out ties. Even though technically I was the one who ruined his ties in the first place.

Right now Will is wearing one of the new ties we bought. It’s a dark color that makes his eyes seem more vivid, and he’s wearing this aftershave I picked out for him that’s just super sexy. Will looks so cute when he’s dressed up, and unlike at the last work function, this time he’s all mine.

Will seems to like me in my dress too. It’s dark blue, Will’s favorite color on me, and probably too short for something work-related, but neither of us seems to care very much. Will wheels up close to me, puts his hands on my thighs, and slides them up my dress to my hips. He starts kissing and licking my tummy. Whenever Jude kissed me on the stomach, I would immediately tense up to make my abdomen look as tight as possible, but I don’t do that with Will.

“Do we have to go to this thing?” I ask, running my fingers through his hair.

“Believe me, I wish we didn’t,” he murmurs.

“We could stay in bed…” I say. “Order a Hawaiian pizza…”

“Stop tempting me.”

We do end up going to the party, which is all the way out in Ronkonkoma. Because, as you know, all the great parties are out on Long Island. (Not.)

Will acts like he hates all lawyers and these parties bore him, but the truth is, he has a lot of friends at work. He’s nice and fairly likable, and I can tell the other people from work really respect him. One slightly drunk guy announced to me that Will was “one helluva lawyer.” But unlike when I went places with Jude, Will doesn’t abandon me for a second. He introduces me around, does the obligate socializing, then we find ourselves a little corner and sit together drinking wine and eating from a plate of hors d’oeurves that we’ve collected over the last hour.

“Would it be bad if we started making out?” I ask him. I run my hand up his chest and around the side of his neck into his hair. I’m feeling kind of horny, for some reason. Will looks so good tonight.

“Maybe we could find a spare bedroom,” he says, winking at me. I know he’s joking though, unfortunately. Will is way too square to do something like that.

I run my hand over his thigh. He can’t feel it when I do that, but I like doing it because as my hand gets closer to his penis, it starts to respond to me. And he could think about all the dead puppies he wants, there’s not a damn thing he can do about it. It’s sort of fun to have that kind of power over him.

“Libby,” he admonishes, although he’s smiling. “My boss is across the room.”

“So?” I tease him.

At this point, he looks down and sees that he has a noticeable erection. “Shit!” he says and forcibly removes my hand. He rolls his eyes at me. “Thanks a lot, Libby. I’m going to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back.”

I watch him wheel off in the direction of the bathroom, doing his best to hide his lap. Well, at least he’s sitting. Nobody will notice.

I grab our mostly empty plate and head back over to get more cheese and crackers for when Will gets back. I sidle up to the tray of cheese and am contemplating the very important decision of cheddar versus bleu cheese when I am drawn to a stunning red dress next to me. It’s exactly the kind of dress I would love to wear, but I honestly don’t have the right figure. I’m so busy admiring the dress that it takes me a minute to realize that the woman wearing the dress is Diane, the lawyer who was interested in Will before I intercepted.

“Lily, right?” Diane says, with a really fake-looking smile on her face.

How did Diane know to call me by the same wrong name that Jude called me by? Do I look like a Lily somehow? “Libby, actually,” I say. “And you’re… Dana?”

“Diane,” she corrects me, looking irritated as I smile to myself.

Diane looks down at my plate of cheese and suddenly I feel fat. “This is for Will,” I say quickly.

She gives me a look like she doesn’t believe me. Once again, I can’t help but think how fantastic Diane looks in her red dress. And not only is she beautiful, Diane is smart too. She’s a lawyer, for god’s sake, whereas I couldn’t even make it through college. But I can’t let that bother me. Will could have gone out with Diane if he had wanted. He didn’t want her. He wanted me.

“I heard you and Will are together now,” Diane says. She laughs lightly. “You certainly get around, don’t you?”

I know I should probably tell her to fuck off or something like that, but I was never very good at reacting to confrontations. So I just laugh and try to act like it was all a big joke.

“So how’s that working out for you?” Diane asks.

“Wonderful,” I say. “We’re really happy together.”

“I’m sure,” she says. Did she just snort? What is that supposed to mean? Does she think that I’m not capable of making Will happy? That I’m not on his level and she is? She has some nerve! Honestly—

“There you are, Libby!” I hear the voice from behind me and then the hand sliding into mine. It’s Will, back from the bathroom, presumably with his erection gone. He looks down at the plate in my hand and his face lights up. “You got more cheese! Awesome!”

“I did,” I say, holding the plate out to him and flashing an “I told you so” look at Diane.

“You know what we need to get more of?” Will says, squeezing my hand. “Those little puffs filled with mushrooms. Those were great.”

“Will,” Diane says, giving him a nice view of her tight body squeezed into that red dress as she looks him up and down. “I absolutely love your tie. It’s very smart.”

“Yeah?” He beams. “Libby picked it out for me.”

Diane frowns, clearly at a loss for words. Haha, take that, bitch. Nobody is stealing my boyfriend away from me. At least, not this one.

No, I am not going to do anything to screw this up.

Probably not.

To be continued....