The Club, Part 3

Iím surprised my heart didnít pop out of my chest because it was pounding so hard, So hard at the thought of Jake touching me, feeling me, and being in such close contact with me. He leant in and kissed me softly on the lips whilst gently stroking my chest and caressing my nipples. I felt as if I was about to come right then. He continued to kiss me softly while I rubbed my hands across his broad firm chest, feeling every inch of his tanned upper torso.

He explored my mouth with his tongue kissing harder and faster and I could feel my hard on growing more and more in my tight black boxer shorts. He pulled back the sheets revealing his completely almost completely naked body, he still had his catheter inserted which he quickly removed and placed on the floor by the bed. He put his hands lower down rubbing my stomach firmly while I kissed him on the neck and shoulders, the feeling was like I had never felt before. He grabbed my dick firmly and rubbed it up and down and while nibbling on my nipples which sent me into ecstasy. I realised I was being kinda selfish and pushed him flat on his back and kissed his nipples, his nipples must be hyper-sensitive judging by the groans he made.

I moved lower down but hesitated before going any further, he must have noticed because he said Ďitís ok, go aheadí so I took his limp dick deep in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could, I know he couldnít feel it but I could tell that he still got pleasure from seeing me suck his dick. I couldnít help stroking and grabbing his skinny limp legs, I was so turned on by the look of them lying there lifeless, completely still while I fondled his balls. I slumped back on top of him kissing him harder than before but still had one hand feeling his legs and cock. Which kept me rock hard.

He didnít get a hard on at all but that didnít stop me rubbing it and occasionally and taking it deep down my throat. I was desperate to come and flipped him over on to his front and pushed my cock deep inside his ass. He groaned so I could tell that he could feel me thrusting in and out of him harder and harder, faster and faster. In the switch from him being on his back to his front his legs had become tangled and I obligingly lifted them over each other and straightened them out.

I gently ran my fingers over his back and shoulders which made him moan with pleasure. Suddenly his legs began spasming gently which was a real turn on for me, but he looked over his shoulder at me with an embarrassed look on his face and I assured him that its ok and carried on fucking him in the ass. I could feel that I was close to coming and with 1 more stroke of his now heavily spasming legs I shot my load right into him, my whole body went tense and it felt like my orgasm lasted for hours, I let out a loud groan as I felt my hot load shooting into his tight ass . When I was finished, I took my cock out of his ass and collapsed onto the bed beside and tried to get my breath back. He turned him self over onto his back, once again having to rearrange his twisted legs. He kissed me gently on the lips and I put my head on his chest and closed my eyes as I was so worn out.

The next thing I knew, it was 8am and I opened my eyes to the view of sunlight beaming through the bedroom window casting shadows of the trees all over the walls. That moment was amazing. I turned on my side to cuddle up to Jake but as I turned I felt a wet patch on the sheets. I looked down and could see that there was a pee stain on the sheet. Jake must have fallen asleep without replacing his catheter as I could see it still on the floor beside the bed. I didnít know whether to wake him because I didnít want to embarrass him but at the same time I felt that I needed to tell him. I stroked his muscled arm and called his name. It took me a few attempts to wake him but when he did he looked up and gave me a gorgeous half asleep smile. I really didnít want to destroy the great moment but I said Jake I ermÖI think..I paused as I didnít know quite what to say and he gathered that I was trying to tell him something. He looked down and saw the stain and had a horrified look on his face. His face went red and he said Ďoh man Iím so sorry, fell asleep without my catheter, jeez man Iím such an idiotí I felt bad for him being embarrassed but told him that it was ok and I understood. He said asked if he could use the bathroom to clean himself up and said sure.

During last nights happenings he had ended up on the other side of the bed so his chair was on my side. I pushed his chair around next to him and watched him effortlessly transfer into his chair. He hung his legs off the side of the bed first, steadied himself by holding his wheelchair and slid his butt onto the seat, then placed his feet neatly on the foot rest. He wheeled his way through to the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

I swiftly pulled the sheets off the bed and threw them straight in the washer. When Jake returned from the bathroom he was still naked but was wearing a fresh catheter. He quickly got dressed and said that he should head home. I was still in dis-belief that I had spent the night with such a hot wheeler! I asked him if heíd like to meet up again and he said that he and a few friends were going bowling and for that evening and heíd like it if I joined them. I didnít hesitate and quickly took up the offer and said Iíd be there at 8. I wished him goodbye and with that rolled towards me grabbed my hand and pulled me down to eye level and kissed me softly on the lips, gave me a smile then tuned and with that he wheeled out of the door and headed for the elevator.

After he left I sat on the couch wondering what the coming evening would bringÖ

to be continued....

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