Part 4

Dan was wishing that he had asked Martin if he could go to the bathroom first, as he was dying for a pee. Never mind he thought, he could wait a few minutes. After about five minutes, he thought that there was nothing for it, he would have to interrupt Martin. He figured out which was the bathroom door and opened it. There, Martin sat with his trousers round his calf. He was just about to insert a catheter into his penis. Neither Martin or Dan felt abashed at this. Dan said that he was sorry but he just needed to pee, so he moved over to the lavatory bowl and peed into it. This wasnít without some difficulty, as he could feel his prick growing in his hand as he peed. How wonderful he thought, if it could have been his own prick touching the head of Martinís instead of the catheter. He shook off any excess pee and turned to wash his hands. In the hand basin, he found Martinís leg bag and the sheath which until a few minutes ago had been around Martinís prick. The bag was still full, with the strap still attached which would have been around Martinís calf. Without further ado, Dan emptied the bag down the loo, detached the sheath and threw it in the bin, rinsed the catheter end of the bag in soapy water and hung it over the edge of the bath to dry. Turning to Martin, he gave him a wink and walked out. Fuck, thought Martin, what sort of a cool character have we got here? Martin continued with the catheterisation, wiped his penis dry, wheeled over to the loo, to put the pee down it, flushed the loo, washed the receiver and pulled up his trousers, rolling first to one side and then to the other, to get his trousers past his buttocks. He sat up in his chair, straightened his legs, and wheeled himself back into the sitting room. Dan was reading a magazine by this time and made no mention of the episode which they had both taken part in.

Martin asked Dan if he was sure he wanted another game. Sure, replied Dan and the letters of the scrabble were put back in the bag, ready to start. Martin had won the last game, so it was his turn to start. After they had been playing for about ten minutes, Martin took a few more letters out of the bag than he should have done, related to the last move. Dan, who always liked fair play, joshed him about this, in a good humoured way. They both started to laugh. Martin looked intently at his letters and at those on the board. After about a minute, he took some of his own letters and a few from the board and put in words at the bottom of the boardÖÖ.. íIím feeling sexyí.

Christ, thought Dan, now what do I do? Martin looked at Dan and gave him a really beautiful smile. Martin moved an inch or two closer to Dan. Again, Dan noticed Martinís beautiful hands and the way they encompassed the tyre and the ring of the wheel which Martin had pushed ever so slightly. Dan moved from his chair and knelt next to Martinís left side. In this position, their eyes were both at about the same height. Dan couldnít take his eyes of Martinís, as they emanated their beautiful coolness. Dan gently put his right arm over Martinís back and slowly moved his hand to Martinís neck. How powerful his body seemed, as he sat there. Dan stroked Martinís neck and very gently brushed his left cheek with his lips. How manly he thought, this beautiful manís skin, with just the shadow of todayís beard growth. Mmmmm thought Martin, so this is what itís like to be kissed by another guy. It was, he thought, nothing like he might have imagined. It was good. In fact it was brilliant to feel the warmth of Danís lips on his check, and to smell his aftershave at such close quarters.

Dan stroked Martinís right ear with his right hand and then with his left gently stroked the upper part of Martinís chest. He almost immediately came upon the ring through his right nipple and thought how lovely it was to feel it. Dan asked in as gentle a way as possible thorough these explorations, where Martinís skin sensation altered. He asked, because he wanted to concentrate on the areas which were most sensitive. Martin explained that whilst he couldnít feel pain very far below his nipples, he could feel soft touch and that he could, if Dan was wondering, get an erection. They both smiled at each other and kissed.

Dan continued to explore Martinís upper body, both front and back, caressing his facial hair line with his lips. What a beautiful nose he has - Aqua line, just like a roman soldierís. Martin had moved his left arm round Danís body. How good he thought to feel this guy in his arms. He kissed Dan on the cheek, exploratory kisses at first, but then he became caught up in the experience of it. He has had one or two experiences with guys before, but nothing like this. Somehow, this was very special.

Dan un-tucked Martinís tee shirt and put his hand up his back. The sudden sweep of Danís arm across Martinís back brought on spasm in Martinís left leg. Martin made to stop it, but Dan whispered not to bother, Ödonít be embarrassed he said, itís okÖÖand put some firm but again somehow gentle pressure on Martinís knee to stop it. They explored each others upper body for quite a while. It was Martin who moved the scene of the action lower down, by putting his hand over Danís swollen crotch. God, he thought what a handful. Martinís dick was no small tool when fully erect, but god, this was big. Dan made a gesture to Martin with his hands to say, lift up your bum, which he did, with both hands on his wheels, Dan pulled Martinís trousers down passed the seat of his chair. Martin wasnít wearing any briefs, so Dan couldnít help but see Martinís beautiful dick and balls lying there in all their glory.

Martin undid Danís trousers, and there they felt each others dicks. Dan noticed that Martin had a mole above the hair line of his pubic hair, just about mid-centre with the top of his thigh. Dan leant over and kissed it. How sexy thought Martin, he seems to like my body.

Dan moved his lips from Martinís mole to the tip of Martinís cock. It wasnít yet fully extended, it would need some rubbing before that happened, but it was a beautifully pliable cock, beautifully curved to the left. Dan undid Martinís sneakers and removed them, along with his socks and took off his pants. Martin was left sitting there, in a more relaxed, almost slouched position, with only his tee-shirt on. How fabulously beautiful he looked.

Dan took off his own shoes, socks, trousers and briefs and instead of resuming his position at the side of Martin, straddled his legs across Martinís own, so that Dan was partly supported by his chair, but they could look each other in the eye, face to face. Dan put both his arms round Martinís waist and brought his closer to him. He kissed his hair, his eyes, his ears, his nose and then his mouth, gently introducing his tongue into Martinís lips. There was a sheer beauty about all of this between them.

Martin suggested he get out of his chair and, having moved his feet onto the floor, rolled forward. He then sat back on his haunches and pushed his chair away. Dan sat in front of him and enveloped him with his legs. They took each others tee shirts off, and they both held each other with both arms and kissed each other gently then more purposefully. They then held each others dick and started to pump them. Dan could feel Martinís dick getting harder in his hand. He put his mouth round his dick and felt as though the whole of Martin was within him. It felt absolutely surreal. Judging the right moment, he lay on his back and pulled Martin towards him. Martin was on his hands and knees now, in a relatively stable position, as long as his spasm would hold him. Christ he thought, I hope they donít give out. Dan resumed his feeling of Martin. He could see his balls hanging majestically in front of him. Martin could feel the air circulating around them and the soft touch of Danís fingers, right at the top most part of his sack, almost by his anus. He had never felt anything like it. It was the stroking of his bag, as only one man can do for another, knowing exactly what the sensation is like. Dan held Martinís balls in one hand and rubbed Martinís shaft with the other. This gave Martin a wonderful feeling, like floating on air. Gradually he could feel that knowing sensation within, the point at which he was almost ready to come, and then, with a sensation which encapsulated his whole body, he shot his load over Danís stomach. God, there it was, first shooting hard, then the remnants dripping from his prick. He could only think that it had been awesome. About thirty seconds after shooting his load he felt his spasms starting to relax and was worried he would seem to make a fool of himself. He neednít have worried. Dan seemed to capture what he was thinking and putting his hands on Martinís hips he gently guided Martinís body onto his own. Martin could just about feel his own cum sandwiching his body to Danís. How lovely it feels he thought, as his head nestled into Danís shoulder.

They lay there for about ten minutes whilst Martin savoured this particular moment. Dan then rolled Martin over, flipping Martinís legs over with his own and he lay on top of Martin. This felt good to Martin, the stickiness which held them was still there, and Dan not wanting to break Martinís restfulness having shot his load, gently rubbed his own cock on the sticky sweet tangle of cum and Martinís pubic hair. As he was doing this Dan was kissing Martin on the cheek and forehead, and after a few minutes of this, he gently raised his loins so that Martin could see Danís circumcised and sizeable prick shoot its load in to his belly-button. Martin smiled that cool sultry smile and pressed Danís buttocks towards his body. There they lay gently holding each other and resting, giving each other the odd whisper of a kiss. Dan, understanding that this wasnít the start of a new gay relationship, rather, the beginning of what would in time become a firm friendship, lay there contentedly, as did Martin, who lay there, his beautiful body being slowly caressed by Dan.

to be continued....

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