Part 5

The drive back home is uneventful and Martin manages to avoid the usual rush hour traffic at the Dartford tunnel.
Fortunately the roll on condom was fixed securely after his tests at the hospital, and it was unlikely there was much in his bladder after it being emptied at the hospital.
He pulls his car in to his driveway and transfers over to the passenger side to get out.
Martin locks his car and goes in to his flat, pausing briefly to pick up his mail on the floor.
He goes in to the bathroom to freshen up and wash any surplus x-ray jell off his tummy and groin area, then goes in to his lounge and logs online to see if there are any messages for him.
There is a little offline instant message from Dee, and he can see that she is still online!
He types out “Hello sexy girl” in the little box and Dee responds instantly with a “Hello sexy man, how did it go at the hospital?”
“It went well thanks, managed to empty well and even found out one of the nurses thought I was cute!”
“Of course you are” types Dee, adding a kiss and hug icon.
“I missed you so much when you dropped me off and I am feeling so horny right now thinking of you and those nurses doing things too you!”
“Wow! Types Martin, “would you like to see me on cam?”
“Always!” Big grin icon.
“Hold on” types Martin and he clicks on his web cam.
Dee types in much larger text, “wow I can see you and you look so good!”
“Thanks” types Martin, blushing.
“God I wish you could see me too, I will have to get a web cam so you can see me as I have just got naked and am touching myself as we speak!”
“I would love that Dee that would turn me on so much!”
“Would you please Masturbate for me Martin that would really help me?”
“Ok sexy”.
Martin takes his shirt off and strokes his smooth chest, playing with his nipples and stroking his tummy as he slowly works down too his crotch.
“Oh wow” types Dee encouraging Martin to carry on.
Martin slowly pulls down his trousers and starts to play with his big creamy low hangers as his other hand masturbates his growing cock.
Dee is really turned on seeing him grow inside his condom and the leg bag tube slapping against his thigh! She watches Martins legs sway from side to side uncontrolled as they move to the rhythm of his masturbating.
“Ok carry on you sexy man, I am going to be a bit busy to type but am watching closely!”
Martin plays with his balls and cock, stroking his spread thighs as he leans back on his wheelchair, concentrating on his body and giving Dee a good show.
It doesn’t take long before Dee types “Ok… that was Soooo good!! “I had a huge orgasm”
“So glad I could help” types Martin with a big smiley face icon.
“I will take a quick picture of the results and send it to you” types Dee, adding a winking icon.
“That would be great” types Martin, blushing yet again at this new sexy idea.
“Ok I will do that then will have to have a bath!”
“Wish I could have a bath with you Dee!”
“Ok maybe next time Martin, bye for now sexy!”
“Bye Dee, have fun!”
Dee logs off and Martin takes a quick picture of himself naked. He quickly downloads it to his pc then emails it to Dee as a present for when she logs back on. Martin then pulls up his trousers and goes to see what he can cook for dinner.
He lets the oven warm up whilst catching up on the news on TV (bad as usual) then cooks himself some chicken, broccoli, sprouts, cauliflower, and a small baking potato. Covered with lots of thick gravy.
When he logs on about an hour later, he gets a fantastic surprise.
He has received an email from Dee!

When he opens the attachment he is greeted by a close up picture of Dee’s very wet pussy, but even better, a naked picture of Dee kissing the picture he just sent her!
She is kissing a very sexy part of the picture too, which she has gone to great efforts to show!
Martin quickly emails her back saying “Thank you so much, you have really made my day! I will go to bed with these pictures of you tonight!”
Unfortunately she doesn’t respond as has obviously gone to bed, but Martin cant wait to thank her tomorrow!
He happily prints off the pictures of her and goes to bed with them sitting right beside him, her nakedness the last thing he sees as he drifts off to a very happy sleep!

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