The next morning I woke up totally hungover. I scanned the bed with my hand to see if I was not alone; while last nights events came flooding back to me. Yep, I was alone.

I stretched, and let out a groan as last nights party-pain seemed to settle in. “Oh man!” I got cramp in my calf! As I was groaning, and trying to rub the shooting pain out, I heard a...

“Argh..shut's not time to get up mom...five more minutes...” a sleepy, moany, deep voice mumbled from behind the couch.

I looked up startled, then tried my best to tiptoe, with pins and needles shooting up and down my leg; to the couch, and peer over.

Sighing, It was Micah.

Splayed out on the couch, his chair next to it. He had on a thin duvet covering not a lot, and is legs were half off the couch in awkward looking directions. His hair was like a little kids, stuck up in all different directions, and he still had on his bowtie around his neck. He looked cute...

I leant over the back of the couch and blew softly in his ear, giggling quietly in between.

He swatted the imaginary fly, “f*ck off...” he mumbled.

“Micah.” I said, as I poked him in the rib, he jerked, “Micaaahhhhhh!!!” I started getting louder.

This was interesting. Like watching the discovery channel. I was definitely learning about Micah Matthews...

“Whaattt!!” He lifted his head to yell at me, as he groggily opened his eyes that were full of sleep. Upon seeing it was me, he said, “Uh, hi.” And plonked his head back on the pillow.

As if! I yanked the pillow out from under his head, as his head thudded onto the leather sofa seat.

“Ouch! What did you do that for!?” He lifted himself up from the couch to glare at me.

I swallowed. He had great arms...and a great chest...oh wow. I just loved how the top half of him contrasted with the parts of the bottom half, that I could see. He took my breath away. I pretty much wanted to jump him, bad morning breath and all...

“What are you looking at!?” He said grumpily, as he started to turn himself around into a sitting position.

“Uh, nothing.” I gulped. I guessed he wasn't a morning person then.

“So do you have the time? I can't remember where I put my cell phone.” He said as he started putting on pants, one leg at a time. It was slow, but sensual to watch. It obviously took a lot of effort, but he made it look easy...ish.

I had to turn around.

“Uh, yeah, it's quarter to ten.”remembering that they were having a Thank You Brunch for everyone who was still around at eleven-thirty.

“Oh sweet. Plenty of time. You mind if I take the first shower?” he transferred to his chair before finishing, “ I take a little longer than the average male.” He half-smiled at me, before he started adjusting his legs into the footrest.

“Sure.” I replied casually. Man, was it suddenly hot in here!? I thought this building came with air-conditoning!? Cheap bastards...

“Sweet, won't be too long.” He started wheeling over to me. I just stood there watching him. When he got to me (the room was pretty big) he stopped and grabbed my hand, pulling me down to him, he kissed me softly on the lips, before looking me in the eyes with those blue, blue eyes...crinkling in the corners as he smirked at me, “I didn't want you to think that I wasn't serious last night, even though I was pretty hammered.”

He had pretty sweet, minty morning breath considering how much we drunk? I think he popped a mint when I wasn't looking. Cheeky boy...

I just smiled at him as I started to straighten back up, “Oh, so you do remember last night?” I smirked back.

“Of course I do. I wasn't that drunk, unlike somebody else...” and with that he wheeled to the bathroom, stopping briefly to smirk at me, before closing the sliding door.

I had to laugh. He was right. I think I drank more last night than I'd ever drank before.


Once showered, dressed- I had to make a stop off at my room while he was in the shower; and on our way down in the elevator; it dawned on me that we were coming down together...

“Um, I think I left something in my room.” I panicked.

I mean it was one thing hooking up randomly in front of everyone, drunk; and another thing coming down together after one night, even though nothing had happened...

“Oh okay, we can go back up” he started to reach for the buttons.

“ –No! I'll, I'll just be a moment. You go on ahead.” I managed to stammer out.

He looked at me as though I'd just grown a third eye or something, “Ah, Okaayyy.” With that, he wheeled out when the doors opened on the groundfloor.

I pressed the up button, and started trying to calm myself down.

Okay. Okay. Skye. What the f*ck are you doing? What are you going to do!?

I had no answers, apart from when I went down again, pretend that nothing had happened. I wouldn't sit next to Micah, or anything 'coupley', until I'd talked to Stacey properly. Done.

See, it wasn't that hard. I told myself. Pity I hadn't thought to let Micah in on the plan...


I came down to see three tables full of people, either eating or mingling around the buffet. I scanned the tables firstly looking for Micah; and secondly, looking for an empty seat furtherest away from him.

I groaned a little bit when I saw that the only chair available was next to Micah. Instead, I went over to where Stacey was standing, chatting to her Mom.

“Hey Stace! Congrats it was a beautiful wedding!” I smiled and gave her a warm hug.

“Thanks Hun! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!” returning the hug, “I can't wait to see the photos!”

Oh sh*t. Where was my camera?!? “Yeah, I'll probably have them ready by the time you come back from your honeymoon.” I said slowely. At least that gave me three weeks to find the blasted camera!

“No worries Babe. Now get something to eat. You must be starving!” Her mother-hen personality kicking in.

“Yes Ma'am!” I laughed and saluted her.

Lining up with my plate, I waited patiently, as the old people seemed to try and decipher what ingredients were in each dish...

“Hey, did you find what you were looking for?”

I turned around slightly to look at Micah over my shoulder, “No, actually I didn't.” I said quietly.

“Were you looking for this?!” He held up the camera, that was sitting on his lap, up high.

“Oh my Gosh! Where did you find it!?!?” I grabbed it out of his hand and held it to my chest like it was some precious treasure.

“It was on the seat I saved for you.” He grinned at me.

“Thank you Micah! You've saved my ass!” I grinned back.

“Don't I get a 'thankyou hug'?” He dimpled coyly at me, as he reached for my free hand.

Gritting my teeth, I slapped his hand away and hissed, “Don't you think it's a little inappropriate here?!?”

“What?” He looked confused.

“I mean, it's just I want to talk to Stacey properly about this. Before...ya know.”

“...Before you let anyone see you in public with me.” He finished off for me. With that he did an about turn and returned to his brunch at the table.

f*ck. What now!? Can't he just understand that I want to do this right?

I got my food, and sat down. Micah looked at me once, then swiveled his chair to face away from me; talking to Alice and Petey, and basically being a big baby about it. Right then I realised that I had forgotten to talk to Stacey about the Micah sitution after all*t. I'd have to wait till after.

Half an hour later everyone was saying their Goodbyes to the happy couple, who were about to leave for their honeymoon in Hawaii. I lined up and waited my turn.

“Congrats Dave! You've got a good one here!” I hugged him affectionately. He really did seem to love her and treat her like a princess, in his ear I whispered, “If you hurt her I will hunt you down and kill you.” I pulled back, smiling warmly. \

He looked taken aback at that, “Uh, O-okay Skye!?! Thanks?” He stammered.

“Have a great honeymoon!” I giggled. He actually looked scared of little ol me.

“Hey Babe! I hope you have an amazing honeymoon! You lucky thing!” I hugged Stacey.

“Thanks hun! I'm pretty sure I will” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. Gross. “I'll see you when I get back babe! I'm sure there'll be a lot to catch up on...” she looked over at Micah pointedly, then back at me...

“Actually that's what I'd like to talk to you about, now” I tried not to be too pushy, but I really wanted to do this before she went. I liked a clear conscience, ya know?

“Now?” She didn't really seem eager.

“Yes, Please.” I was serious.

“Okay,” She seemed to relent. “Hun, I've just got to talk to Skye for a bit, be back soon.” she touched Dave's arm.

“Sure” He said a little worried, watching us as we walked to a private corner of the room.

I also noticed another pair of eyes following.


“What's up hun?” She said a little anxiously.

“I just wanted to tell you first, that Micah and I have decided to give this dating thing a go.” I said softly. I really didn't want her to leave for her honeymoon angry at me.

“Oh. Okay.” She seemed to be having a little trouble with it, now that I was telling her straight up.

“You knew something was up, didn't you?” I started worrying Micah may have not told her everything –well at least the way a girl would. “Micah said, you knew...”

“Yeah, but I thought you were seeing someone else?” she asked confused.

Oh sh*t! Josh!? Totally forgot about him.

“Uh, yeah I am –just casually though.” I admitted, “I really do want you to be fine with this. Micah and me, I mean. You mean a lot to me, and I...” I didn't know what to say.

It's not like I would not date him just because she wasn't okay with it, would I? I don't know? I mean, she's married to Dave now, and I remembered what I thought when I thought Amanda and Micah were together, something to do with happiness and it's rarity?

“Yeah, I guess?”

“It's just that you're married to Dave, and he's such a great guy! You guys look happy! And I just want a chance to see if I can find that happiness too, with maybe Micah...” I looked at her, even though she was staring at the floor.

“Yeah, I am happy.” looking up at me, she admitted, “I want you to be happy too, and I want Micah to be happy –Gosh, he deserves it!” She looked over to where he was sitting chatting with Dave, “But, I just thought he'd find happiness away from my circle of friends. So I don't have to see him...” she looked at him with a weird sad longing?

“Are you still in love with him or something?” I demanded.

Shocked, she turned to look at me properly, “Heavens no!” She laughed, “It's just hard because I know what a great guy he is, and an awesome boyfriend. But I feel bad because I don't think he'll ever get married...” she trailed off sadly.

“What!?” It was my turn to be shocked. “How the f*ck do you know that Stacey!? Two seconds ago you were just raving about how great he is!?! Now all of a sudden he's not worth marrying?” I was getting a tad angry.

“You don't know him like I do. You haven't lived with him, everyday. It's's hard. Maybe you'll find out one day, and you won't hate me so much for saying this then. I'm just sad for him.”

She looked sincere in her convictions, but I was confused with what she was saying? Didn't love conquer all? Or some sh*t?

I mean, she was right. I didn't know him that well, I'd only really been around him a couple times. And last night was the longest, but he seemed to be pretty dope then? So maybe she just couldn't handle? Plus I have a slight, um...interest in his 'down-side' and maybe that was the difference between me and her, and a lot of others...

“Well, thanks for the words of warning. I think I'll take my chances.” I wasn't trying to be rude, but I really didn't know what she wanted me to say?

“I hope your not angry with me, Skye? I really do want the best for you two. Maybe it'll be different with you guys? I mean, it was years ago, and you're a hang of a lot stronger than I am...” She smiled her peace-maker smile at me.

“I'm not mad, Stacey.” Not really. I just was a little pissed at her judgemental bullsh*t. Not angry at all. “Have a great honeymoon, I mean it. We'll catch up when you get back.” I hugged her quickly, then started walking back to the last four people waiting, and sat down.

I saw her look at me sadly, then Dave caught up with her and hugged her. I turned away.

f*ck, maybe I have ruined our friendship?


I was lost in thought when Micah wheeled over to me, and put his hand on my thigh.

“Hey. Are you okay?” his blue eyes looked concerned.

“Yeah. No. I don't know?” I sighed. “I think I've f*cked up my friendship with Stacey?” I bit my lip, watching her and Dave talking in the corner I was just at.

“Oh. So she didn't approve?” he half-smiled at me.

“No, yes? It's complicated., not really.” I didn't know how to put it? And I definately did not want to put it the way Stacey had. He'd be too pissed at her then.

“I'll go talk to her.” He resolved, and started to turn around.

“No, don't!” I grabbed his shoulder. “It's just going to make it worse.”

“Skye, I have a right to talk to her. You shouldn't be the only one to lose a friend. We're both in the sh*t, okay?” he looked at me sternly, before taking off again on his mission.

I guess he's right. He's not a baby needing protection or anything. He was a grown man, who had dated Stacey once upon a time, and was still friends with her; and he was Dave's best mate; so it made more sense for him to go over there than me.

I watched them talking animatedly. It looked intense with hand gestures flinging everywhere, and voices getting louder...

“...It's none of your business quite frankly Dave. I was talking to Stacey.”

“You can't talk to my wife like that, no matter how justified you think you are!”

Yes, he had made it worse...

“I was just looking out for her, and you...” Stacey sobbed, as she tried to reach out for his shoulder.

He jerked away from her touch, “What the f*ck Stacey?! Telling the girl I'm into that I'm too hard to be with, and she should just not bother trying with me cos I'm too crippled for anyone, is bullsh*t! And you know it!?!”

Wow! It was getting so loud that even the staff had stopped to listen. I had to intervene...

“I-I didn't mean it like that!” Stacey was wailing now, as she fled in tears abruptly.

“Way to go Micah. It's my f*cken honeymoon for Goodness sake!” And with that Dave stormed off angrily after his wife.

By the time I got there, he was already wheeling to me.

“Hey.” I said softly, “You okay there?” I had to laugh a little, at the role reversal.

He did a little chuckle, then stopped, grabbed my hand and pulled me to his lap, “Come away with me.” He looked at me seriously.

“What!?” I laughed. “You're joking, right?”

“No, of course not.” He seemed indignant that I would even suggest that, “I just want to get away from all the bullsh*t. All the prying eyes, and gossip. Just for a weekend. You and me.” He looked at me hopefully.

“No-no. I can't Micah. It's too soon. I-I have some unfinished business to take care of. It's too soon.” I stammered, and repeated myself like a moron.

I know a lot of girls would think I'm mental. How many great guys are sooo taken with you they want to sweep you off your feet with a romantic getaway? But I'm not most girls, and it's too soon. Plus I had a feeling he wanted to prove to me and himself that Stacey was wrong.

Everything was too fast. Too complicated. I think I knew all along this would be too big a drama for me? I mean, it started with drama after all...

“I think we should just go. Just go home...” I resolved.

“Okay.” He relented, “do you want to come to my place then?”

“No, I meant go home to our separate homes. Just think about sh*t separately, you know?” I said softly.

I wasn't trying to hurt his feelings, but I needed a time-out.

“Oh, okay.” He wheeled away towards the elevators, not bothering to say goodbye to anyone.


Alice caught up to me when I was about to go find my car in the parking lot. “Hey Skye! Wait up!” She panted after me.

I waited.

“I've been looking for you everywhere.” She pulled me into a hug, then pulled back to look me in the face, “Are you okay?” she looked really concerned.

“Yeah, nah. I'm not really.” I admitted reluctantly. “I take it you know.”

“Yeah. It was kind of hard not to, you know?” she said softly.

“Man, it's so f*cked up! I just want to get away.” I groaned to the sky.

“Okay, I'll take you home and we'll have a cuppa?” She said as she looped her arm through mine.

“Okay.” I agreed. She was such a doll. “Where's Petey?” I suddenly remembered.

She'd been joined to his hip all weekend, I realised. That's why I hadn't really talked to her.

“He's on the evening shift, so he's got to go in early to prep. Plus I was getting a little claustraphobic, if you know what I mean!?” Her eyes twinkled at me.

I laughed. Sounded about right. If they didn't break up with Alice, she'd find a reason to break up with them eventually. She was too flighty to get tied down into one relationship for too long...

We had a great afternoon catching up, that turned into evening, with a bottle of red on the balconey, smoking and drinking together. Contemplating life's meaning and all that jazz.


The next morning I woke up and started getting ready for work, when I heard the doorbell.

I grabbed my robe, and tied it around over the camisole and boyleg panties I was wearing.

Opening the door, to find..........Josh!

Outside with a bouquet of flowers, a couple of take-away coffees, and a sheepish expression on his handsome face.

“Uh-um, hi.” I squeaked. sh*t.

“Hey” He dazzled me with his smile, “I know it's early, I just wanted to see you before you went off to work. Couldn't wait!” He winked at me.

“Oh, I wish you had called first.” I said lamely. sh*t. sh*t-f*ck! Poos!

“Oh.” He looked surprised, “I can go if you want?” he pointed towards his shiny Prius in the driveway.

“No, it's alright. I have to talk to you anyway.” I admitted sadly.

He was silent as he came in, and sat down at the table. “Here, Soy cappuccino with cinnamon and chocolate.” He half-smiled at me.

“H-how did you know?” I was surprised.

“The lady at the cafe remembered you when I asked, and what you usually order.” He half-smiled again.

“Oh. Thanks. That's sweet.” I took a sip. Delicious.

My head was starting to hurt at what I was about to do. Was it even the right decision?

“So, what did you want to talk to me about? Oh, and how was the wedding?”

“Good. Um, yeah, Josh...” I sat down to look at him, “I don't know how to say this?”

“Oh. Your breaking up with me.” He said flatly.

“Yeah, I think so.” I admitted.

“Well, that sucks.” he sat back in his chair, silent for a moment, “ I just came here to tell you I broke up with my girlfriend so I was free to date you.”

“What!?” I said angrily, “I thought you said you were single?” I hate liars.

“sh*t, no –I, she was a long-distance girlfriend. And we really hadn't been seeing each other for that long. And I had been wanting to date you for a long time...” he trailed off. “Not that it matters now.” he added sourly.

Maybe I was making the right decision. If he could lie to me that easily, who knows what could happen down the track. Say he met some other girl from High School that he had wanted to date... I resolved that this was the right decision.

“Yeah, I guess it doesn't really matter now.” Echoing him firmly. “I think you should go.” I stood up to show him the door.

“Just a sec, Skye!” He stood up too, “Why now? Did I do something to offend you?”

“Well yeah, you have now. I don't like liars. I've had enough of them in my lifetime to know that I never want to be with another one again.” I started walking towards the door.

“Yeah, but you only just found that out now...” he looked at me embarrassed a little.

“And I guess I just realised that it wasn't going to work out.” I half admitted. I wasn't lying per se. I just wasn't telling him the whole truth...its not like it mattered anymore.

“Oh. I thought you were going to tell me you were seeing someone else.” he sighed in relief.

“No. I'm not.” I said truthfully.

I hadn't seen or talked to Micah since he rolled out of my life yesterday. We had made no plans to see each other in the future. Heck, he didn't even know my phone number!? or even bother to say goodbye!?!

“Okay...” he paused outside the door, “For what it's worth, I really am sorry for lying to you. I really wanted it to work out between us. Your a great girl. I hope you find what your looking for.” He smiled sadly at me, before kissing me on the cheek. “See ya round, kid.”

And he was gone...

What a jack-ass! Kid!? Is that what I look like to him? A kid!?!?!? I'm a year younger than him!?! Jerk. Okay, okay, apart from the lying, he was really nice, and he did seem sorry; but I truly think it wasn't going to work out with him....I'm pretty sure... All of a sudden a random thought popped into my head,

Wasn't I going to give up men, and become a nun?!?

Snorting to myself, I returned to getting ready for work and that was that.



Sometimes you just have to go with the flow... Not force things, just see how they play out in the game called Life.

A week passed before I heard anything from Micah. I know I could have contacted him. It wouldn't have been hard to get his number or address. I think that's why they invented phonebooks!? Haha!

I actually felt okay about being single for a while. It gave me time to think about what I wanted from life, and from relationships, and where I could see myself going. Okay, it wasn't far, but I knew that things were changing whether I liked it or not.

I called my lazy agent and got her ass into gear for finding me some auditions for once. I also started editing the photo's from the wedding (Suprisingly, there were a lot of good ones!?) I was pretty proud of my efforts. I was feeling pretty good about this new 'Action Skye'! No job too big or small! Skye to the rescue!! Haha!

I was about to head off for an audition uptown, something about a sitcom featuring aliens on earth, and it was a comedy!? So ya know, nothing new! When I got a call on my cell phone...

“Hello, Skye Williams speaking?”

“Hey Skye. It's me, Micah.” Said a soft voice.

“Oh...Hey!” I perked up, wondering how this conversation was going to go.

“Sorry I haven't called in a while, just been trying to give you your space.” He laughed. It sounded a little forced though?

“Fair enough. It was a pretty” I admitted.


“Okay...did you want something else?” I was going to be late, so I needed this conversation to move forward, and fast.

“Uh, yeah. Was wondering if you wanted to maybe grab a bite tonight, if you're not busy?” he said casually.

“Uh, yeah sure. I'm on my way out to an audition at the mo, but I can txt you later when I know what's up?

“Oh cool. Congrats! Yeah do that.” He perked up.

“Hey, don't congratulate me yet Mister! I haven't got the part yet.” I laughed.

“Fair enough.” He laughed back, “My fingers will be crossed for you.”

“Awesome...I better go now. Don't want to be late...” I hinted.

“Of course. Yeah, good luck. Txt me later.” he added.

“Will do.” I said seriously, adding, “And thanks Micah, for calling. I appreciate it.”

“No probs. Ciao.”

“Ciao.” and we hung up.

It was a nice start to the day...

Now sh*t! Where was that script they sent me!?!


The audition went okay. They seemed to like me, but who knows in the world of acting, right!? I really hoped one day the perfect role would come up for me, and they would take one look at me and go 'Yes! This is the girl!!' (ahhh...a girl can dream)

I decided to go get a coffee to calm me back down to earth. Auditions are pretty nerve-racking because you don't actually know what they're looking for. I mean obviously acting skills come on handy, but also chemistry, and interpretation of a character, and that certain 'look' are all things that you bring to the table...

Argh!! I don't know why I put myself through this sh*t!? I thought to myself as I lined up to place my order.

I knew. I loved the adrenalin rush I got when stepping in front of people. I loved trying to bring a written character to life, I loved the idea of telling a story, and I loved the creative energy that acting gives. It's a great high!

As I sat down out the front of the local Starbucks (Yuck!), lighting a cigarette, I contemplated where my life had gone in the last couple of months...the difference between then and now, and how sometimes you just can't imagine, or plan, your life-you don't know what's around the corner, and mostly was this where I wanted to be?

Change is constant. If you don't change, learn and grow your dead.

Life is meant to be lived, and I had begun to realise that I was finally living the way I wanted. I was making decisions for myself, chasing dreams, dating men (even if they had given me a headache most of the time. Sigh.) and I was feeling pretty confident and sure that I could handle anything...what a dick!

To be continued....