The next day I awoke to the light streaming through the curtains. It was like the harshness of morning trying to piss me off. What gives oh Light of Lights!? Sheesh.

Then last night came flooding back to me. Mmm...
The deliciousness of Micah had been transported into my body. Sending waves of pleasure rolling through me. That boy was seriously good! Too good, me thinks...

I turned over onto my stomach, so I could face him, “Micaahh?” I whispered, “Micaahh?” I started getting louder.

“What?” He mumbled and turned to face me. One eye squinting open then abruptly closing.

“It's time to wakey-wakey Lazy-bones!” I giggled, as I tried to pry his eyes open.

He swatted my hand away, “Why you gotta be so perky in the morning?” he muttered.

I giggled and stopped, “Actually, I'm not a morning person at all. But maybe you just bring out that side of me?!” I concluded.

Groaning and rolling over, he mumbled, “Great...” before putting his pillow over his head.

“Hey!” I grabbed the pillow, “what gives!?! You weren't complaining last night!?” I whacked him in the head.

“Geez woman!” He pulled himself into an upright position. “Give that here!” He demanded, yanking the pillow from my hands, “Actually, I did complain last night! You bloody working me like a dog. Slave driver.” He dimple-smirked at me, then whacked me in the chest with the pillow.

“Hey! You don't hit women!” I whacked him with my pillow this time.

“Well, when you show me a woman, I will endeavour not to hit her.” He laughed, and whacked me again.


I didn't need a pillow this time... “Smart-ass...” I grumbled as I smoothed down my hair, then tried to find my clothes.

“Where do you think your going?” He demanded, grabbing my waist as I tried to reach my panties at the end of the bed.

I turned around to give him a look, “You may not need food Mr, but I'm flippen starving!”

He let me go... “I spose it is time to face the real world.” Sighing, he looked around for his pants.

I found his shirt first, and decided that was good enough, “I'm going to go forage around in the kitchen and see what grub I can come up with.”

I felt eyes follow me as I jumped off the bed, and sauntered towards the kitchen, in just his shirt, and my panties...I swayed my hips a bit.


A few minutes later he showed up at the end of the hallway, in just his pants...nice.

“I'm just going to go have a shower, okay?”

“Sure.” I had just poured myself a cup of coffee, “You want coffee?” I looked at him over the top of my steaming cup.

“I'll make some when I get out. Help yourself to anything.” He started to roll towards the bathroom.

“Hey Micah.”


“You want panclogs?”

He turned around, “What?!?”

I smiled, “P—paaannn...P—pan—Panclogs.” I laughed.

He just rolled his eyes, then resumed his mission.

“It's from '50 First Dates” I called after him, still giggling.

When Micah returned I was sitting at his kitchen table, with the newspaper in front of me, and a second cup of coffee trying desperately to wake me up. I was staring into space, thinking.


I looked up to see him dressed, but with the towel still around his shoulders, while he was trying to dry his hair.

“Hey, yourself.” I smiled at him.

“What happened to Panclogs?” He dimple-popped at me.

“Well, if you had any food in your cupboards I'd be making them by now. Otherwise I was planning on making them with mouldy camembert cheese, some baking soda, and flavouring it with ground coffee. I mean, you don't even have millk Micah!?!” I was exasperated.

Laughing he said, “Oh yeah, right. I haven't been shopping for a while.”

I snorted, “That's the understatement of the century.”

“Yeah-yeah, Miss Perfect. I've just been really busy with work, and you know, chasing your ass, that I hadn't had time to head to the supermarket, okay!?” He wheeled towards the kitchen, and started putting on the jug.

I loved watching him push away from the bench with his arm, to see him turn fluidly—without his hands, and grab a mug out of the cupboard, and a teaspoon out of the drawer, only to push himself back the other way to wait for the jug... it was like a dance for me. Perfectly timed (Years of practice I assume) and graceful looking.

“What?” He looked at me curiously.

I snapped out of my trance to give a sheepish look, “Nothing.” I looked back down at the paper in front of me. “So... I guess we should go out to get something to make breakfast with?” I turned a page.

“Well, why don't we just eat at the restaurant? They do the best pancakes with blueberry coulis and marscapone cream...” He dangled that carrot in front of me.

I was pretty hungry..

“I don't know, Micah...I just feel wrong eating there. Like I'm taking advantage of you.”

Rolling his eyes, he huffed, “Are you serious?” He pushed away from the counter towards me.

“Yeah, I mean, it was one thing last night when I didn't know we were going there, but a whole other thing going there today...”

He rolled into the empty space beside me, “Why do you make it such a big deal Skye? It's just breakfast. Like saying, 'your place or mine?'. If you really want...” He seemed to be concocting, “tonight, you can treat me?! How does that sound?” He smirked mischievously at me.

“Hm...” I began to weigh up, how starving I was, to how moralistic I felt at that moment... “Your on home-boy!” I shook his outstretched hand firmly, before getting off my seat and sauntering my ass down to the shower.
Before I took off I bent down to kiss his cheek and whisper, “and none of that fancy stuff Mr. I only want the pancakes, with the berry coulis and the marscapone cream, and that's all!” I giggled, then planted a big wet one on his cheek.

Laughing, he slapped my butt as I took off, so I retaliated with a childish tongue-poke.

As we were getting seated in the main dining area this time, Micah seemed to pipe up out of the blue...

“How hard is it to get some service around here!?” Eyes lit up mischievously.

I looked around horrified by how rude he was being...Yep, everyone was staring.

At that moment a young girl skidded to a stop in front of us. Nervously eyeing us up, she flustered
around trying to find her pad and pen.

“Uh, Hi. Welcome Sir. How may I help today?” She literally looked like she was sweating.

“Well.Tara, was it?” He looked at her name badge before giving her a serious look. “I expect the service will be better from now on, now we have your attention; Or I may have to inform your boss...”

“Uh, yes Sir. I'm sorry about that.”

He let her sweat for a bit before saying, “I'm just kidding.” He smirked.

I'm sure I could hear her heart start beating again?

“Hi, I'm Micah Matthews.” He extended a hand, “You must be the new girl they hired on Wednesday.” He smiled genuinely this time.

“Uh, yes. Hi Sir.” She shook his hand, “Nice to meet you.”

“Im sure they told you I like to come suprise the new staff when I can.” He twinkled at her and winked.

“Uh...yeah, they did tell me. I just didn't expect that you'd be...uh..” She stammered out of steam.

He raised an eyebrow, “You didn't expect that I'd be? So handsome? So young? So charming?” He wasn't letting her off the hook so easily.

She looked sickly, kind of green?

“Um.. Yeah...” She trailed off again, darting eyes back to the Maitre'd and back to our table nervously.

“Or were you going to say that you didn't expect me to be in a wheelchair?” I could see the playful look in his eyes, but I don't think Tara saw it...

I whacked him in the arm, and gave him a look.

“It's okay Tara. I'm just pulling your leg.” He smiled. “Yeah, I don't make a habit of informing new staff about being handicap. It tends to set an uncomfortable start to a working relationship. So relax. Anyway, this is my--” He looked at me to finish the sentence.

It took me just a split-second to decide, “girlfriend.”

He looked pleased, and started grinning that schoolboy grin I love.

I extended my hand, “Skye. Nice to meet you.” I smiled at her.

She shook my hand back. A little clammy, but firm. Nice. “Good to meet you too.” She smiled sweetly.

“Well, now that the introductions are out of the way. What do you want Skye?” He turned back to me.

“You know what I want.” I grinned.

He grinned back, “My girlfriend,” He said with so much pride, “Will have the pancakes.

I clapped like an excited three year old.

“--I will...What the hell, I will too.” He handed back the menus, “Drinks?” He looked at me quizzically.

“No coffee!” I groaned. Two cups had nearly done me in, “Can I grab a Spirulina? Do you do those?” I looked at her.

“Um..she looked around again, then began flipping open the menu...

Clearing his throat, he whispered to the poor girl, “We do.” before winking.

“Uh, yes we do Ma'am.”

“Awesome. Hook me up, stat!” .

After the waitress left, Micah put his arms on the table, leaning his chin on his hands, he looked at me thoughtfully.

“Yes, Micah?”

“What?” He looked surprised. As if I had answered some unasked question, or heard what he was thinking...which must have been naughty.

“You look like you want to ask me something?”

“Actually, I wanted to tell you something.”

“Mmm?” I took a sip of water.

“Stacey and Dave arrived back yesterday.”

“Wow. So soon?”

I knew it wasn't soon, but in some way I had hoped the time would drag forever.
Not that I didn't miss my friendship with Stacey, it was more the fact that when she was here it got complicated.
My relationship with Micah had only really just begun. And I didn't want to jeopardise that with the complications that Stacey seemed to bring.

I mean, I'm not just blaming her. I take full responsibility too.
Girlfriend's aren't supposed to date another's Ex. We also know that if one does date said Ex, then it most likely would be too awkward to hang out anymore, especially when bringing said Ex. It also means you divide your group of girlfriend's, because, of course, they have to take sides.

And don't get me started on Micah. He's a LOT to blame.

Okay, we didn't know our friends were friends or Ex's when we first met, but we did the second time; and he had nooo problem pursuing me from the start (despite MANY rebuttals) and he managed to piss Stacey off more—well, she did have it coming for what she said, but it was her honest opinion at the time—see! It gets confusing, doesn't it!?


The car ride to my place was full of silence.

I was so lost in thought that I didn't see Micah pulling up to the curb outside my house.

Putting the car in park, “We're here Skye.” He said softly, before leaning over to move the hand I'd been holding against my forehead.

Snapping out of my daze I turned to look at him, then my house, “Oh, so we are.” I mumbled.

Looking at me concerned, with those clear blue eyes, “Are you okay?”

“Ah, yeah. I was just thinking about Stacey, and the fact that I'm probably going to get fired if I miss one more day of work. Taylor just about ripped my head off when I called in sick two weekends in a row.” I laughed awkwardly.

Micah just smiled a compassionate, yet smirky, half-smile at me, “Stacey will get over it and nah, I'm pretty sure Taylor will never fire you. He's in love with you and what's funny is that you've never taken advantage of that fact.”

I whipped my head around to face him fully, “What are you talking about? Taylor isn't in love with me?!”

Groaning and rolling his gorgeous aqua eyes at me, “Come on Skye, you must have noticed?! I mean seriously, I've been in there once and I could see it. The way he looks at you, talks to you, how jealous he got when you were talking to me...don't tell me your that blind?” He chuckled a little darkly.

“Whatever Micah. We're just good friends...” I trailed off. “You think he really was jealous of you?” I added intrigued.

“Of course! I may not be as observant as you women, but I know when a man feels like his turf has been stepped on. sh*t, give me some credit.” He plonked his head back into the headrest, staring at me out of the corner of his eye.

Mulling it over, I finally said, “...I guess so?...maybe your right? He did always want to know if I was seeing someone, and always wanting to go out for drinks?” I was perplexed that I had never thought of that!?

It's not like it was important now, considering I was now happily shacked up with Mr Butt-slapper. But it did feel kind of good knowing that someone else was pining after me, since it usually was the other way round. Hm... I smiled.

“Earth to Skye?! Are you planning on getting out anytime soon? Or are we going to have to make a lunchstop before we starve to death?” He dimple-smirked at me.”No seriously, I'm going to be late for a meeting.”

How could someone so ridiculously goodlooking be such a smart-ass?

“Yes Micah! I'm going.” I undid my seatbelt and lent over to give him a smackerooni on the lips, before I flounced my way out of the car. Waving back at him one last time before I turned the corner of my house.

I bit my lip remembering what a f*cken awesome night I'd just had.
Yeah, the drama wasn't so coolio, but that was to be expected with a first time. Plus, it kind of added a dramatic cresendo to our love-making. It made it soo much more passionate. Nice...

As I was about to walk up the three steps to my veranda, I snapped out of my reverie, just in time to see Drew, perched on the top step, before I walked into him.

“Drew?! What are you doing here?” I was surprised, and fully confused!?

His eyes flew up at the mention of his name, red rimmed, yet still a brilliant shade of caramel. “H-hi Skye!”

I stopped and crossed my arms, “That doesn't answer my question. What the hell are you doing here?!”

I was a little bit pissed. Considering I had not seen hide, nor hair, of him since we broke up, and now he was invading my personal space, coming to my home!?!

He stood up in all his magnificent 5”11 glory. Towering over me like some sort of well built skyscraper.

“I-I...I miss you.” He stammered out. (Obviously I was doing a good job looking angry) “ I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since our argument--”

“--you mean our breakup.” I interjected.

Gulping, “Yeah, I guess, our breakup.” he nervously ran his hand through his curly afro mane, “I mean, I was a complete asshole to you--”

“--Damn straight.” I interrupted again.

“Ah, yes. But I knew that I had made the wrong decision as soon as I walked away.” He started to take a step towards me. (And I took a step back...)
“I've never stopped loving you Skye, and I know what we had was pretty freakn awesome. No, it was the most amazing relationship i've ever had, or wanted...” Pausing to collect his thoughts before carrying on on his selfish rant,
“I've been an idiot. I didn't want to admit my mistake, thinking it was just guilt over ending it so badly, and that I would get over it eventually; but it just seemed to get worse.
Everywhere I went, I'd see things you'd like, or places we've been to, or even once I saw someone's writing on a chalkboard that looked exactly like yours...I don't know what I'm saying.” Groaning, he covered his face with his hands momentarily; before putting his hands in his pockets and started gazing at the ground. Every few seconds he'd idly kick my step...

Sighing, I relented, “Come inside Drew. I don't want my neighbours to think I've got a crazy man at my house.” I unlocked the front door, and pushed it open. “After you.”

“Thanks Skye.” He mumbled gratefully.

I really wanted to tell Drew to f*ck off. Tell him he's a dirty, lying mother trucker, and to get the hell out of my life...but sometimes, you feel charitable...especially when your in love.

I had to admit there were still feelings there. I just didn't know how strong the feelings were, since I'd buried them so deep with a shovel full of hate.

I just didn't know whether I could ever forgive him.

Not in the way that I was considering dating him, I mean I had just hooked up with Micah not 12 hours ago! I meant more that, could I forgive him? Could we be friends? Just friends? I did miss him....

I missed his sense of humor. He always made me laugh—especially when I was upset, or angry.
I missed his smile, the twinkle in his eye and his cheerful cheesy attitude. He was always looking at the bright side of life. A bit of a dreamer—which sometimes irked me because he could be sooo immature sometimes!
I missed his energy, and flair for life. He was always on adventures, or dreaming of adventures that we could do.
I missed how great he was with his son. Such a great father...
I missed his cooking. Well, his mis-mash of recipes to create 'SuperRecipes'! They were always hilarious and nine out of ten times, inedible.
I missed his random notes and texts. Things like, “Its forcast to rain in Brazil, get your umbrella, because I love you... xo”
I missed his hugs when I was sad, or happy, or angry or drunk, or whatever. He engulfed me in his huge arms...he was my teddybear.
I missed his laughter. It could brighten a whole room, and take me out of whatever gloomy mood I was in.
I missed his...talent. He did well with the tools he had. It was comfortable and familiar—Well, actually I didn't miss it as much, now that I had experienced Micah's. (Now that was talent...Oh sh*t! Micah!!)

“So Drew,” I started as I plonked a cup of coffee on the dining table in front of him. “What do you want from me? Forgiveness?” I snorted and sat down opposite him.

“No, well yes...I want... I want you to consider taking me back.” He exhaled slowely.

I nearly choked on my tea, spluttering, “What!? I haven't seen or heard from you in nearly three months! And now your asking me to take you back!?” I could hear my voice rising but I didn't care, “By the way Drew, I dumped you! And you were the biggest liar I have ever met, why the hell would I want to take you back!?” I demanded an answer, other than that sh*t he had spouted off earlier.

“Sheesh Skye! Don't need to blow a gasket!” He held up his palms in surrender. Though he couldn't help smiling...little sh*t!

“Don't even start with me Drew. Remember your in my house, and if you can't give me anything good you can just f*ck off.” I pointed to the door to show I meant business.

“Okay, okay! Man since when did you get so uptight?” He grinned.

“Shut it. Start talking.” I commanded.

And he did.

It wasn't all good. Like, he didn't have any sort of epiphany, or light from heaven beaming down on him. It was more a realisation of how much he loved me, who I was, what I stood for, and how great we were together.
He apologised, profusely, for being such a jack-ass and claimed he had grown up to realise that trying to keep your options open, especially when you've found the one you want to be with, is stupid.

I was dumbfounded when he finished.

“So...what do you think Skye?” He looked hopeful.

“I have a boyfriend.” was all I could whisper out.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball...

I couldn't believe that he'd said all the things I had wanted to hear just a few short months ago. But why now? When things were so good between Micah and me?!?

Micah and I were just starting out. Everything is all new and shiny. I know it's the whole 'honeymoon phase' that every new relationship experiences. But currently that's what I wanted. I wanted to feel like the most beautiful, interesting, funny and passionate woman that this man had ever met!?! Was that so wrong?
I mean, I know it's not going to be all smooth sailing, especially with the upcoming Stacey and Dave predicament, but I knew it was something good. Something fresh and exciting.And most of all good.

Only problem was, I didn't know how good...

I had history with Drew. And when we were together it was flippen awesome (minus the sh*t parts) and that isn't something I could easily erase from my mind, as fallible as it was.
I just couldn't shut off my feelings—especially when he'd just shoved them in my face—as easily as I knew people would want me to.

I know, I know! Bad guys don't change. 'Beware' should be written on his forehead. Stay away. He's bad news. He'll hurt you. Stay off the grass. Blah blah, woofwoof...

I, for one, knew that I had a soft spot for 'Baddies', I mean if you check my track record you'd know what I'm talking about!
For some reason I like the smart-assery of these men. But I also like honesty. I like a certain vulnerability that some men can express. Not pussy men, more the type of men who can admit they're wrong, or admit that they aren't robots and actually have some feelings ...and so far I've met two men like this. Sigh!

“Okay...I wasn't expecting that.” He pulled his hand from off of mine, and sat back in his chair.

“Well, what were you expecting Drew? That I would sit around waiting for you to decide you'd made a mistake?” I kinda, sorta spat back at him.

I mean, seriously, the nerve he had? Thinking he was a bag of chips and all that?! So what if I did sit around for a few weeks crying into a tub of icecream!? That's to be expected when you think you've lost the love of your life. Hrmph.

He ran a hand through his hair again, then finally looked at me, “No, of course not Skye. I just thought I might have meant a little more to you...ya know. Three months isn't exactly a long time...”

“f*ck you Drew.” I was uber pissed. “You're one to talk! You were seeing whats-her-face while you were still dating me! What the heck does that say about you?”

“Sheesh Skye! I said I was sorry. I made a huge f*ck up, okay!? Don't hang my balls out to dry forever!” His voice started rising as he stood up... Abruptly he sat down, realising he was getting a little too hotheaded.
After exhaling slowely, he tried again, “Look Sky-sky, I know I'm not perfect. And God knows your not either. But you know you still care for me. I can see it in your eyes. And you always get mad at me like this. That's what makes us so good together. We understand one another..” --the hand was back...

I gulped and looked away.

“Look, I know this guy is just a rebound, that you'll soon realise that we belong together.” He cupped my face in his giant hands, staring me in the eyes, “I can wait.”

And then...he kissed me.

Sometimes we don't make the right choices. Or maybe, it's more we get our choices taken away from us and go with it, because we're too naïve to realise that that's our choice? Or maybe we're just suckers for punishment...

I would like to say that I pulled back. That I didn't kiss him back. That I slapped him in the face and told him to get the Hell out and never contact me again...but that'd be lying.

This wasn't a soap opera, or a movie. This was real life. My life. And I know that no matter how much I like to be in control, sometimes I lose it.

I did kiss him back.

I loved the familiar scent of Drew. That intoxicatingly passionate, and annoying desire that rolls off him like butter. He had a way of just knowing what I wanted, or at least making me think he knew that that's what I wanted? I got lost in him.

He knew my mouth so well, he knew the way I love to be held, to be kissed.
I loved the taste of him. I loved the familiar out of proportion lips. He had a gorgeous full lower lip (his top lip was tasty too! I just love that about Chocolate men...mmm...)

It was incredibly heady being in his arms again. Surreal, yet the guilt didn't come till after...

“f*ck you.” I breathed, when we had come up for air. This time I ran a hand nervously through my hair.

What the f*ck was I doing!?!

I glanced at him smirking at me. He knew he had won this battle...but I didn't know whether I wanted him to win the entire war.

“I think you should go Drew.” I pointed to the door. The panic and guilt had fully set in.

“Okay, okay Skye. I'm going.” He held up his hands in surrender, still smirking, stood up and started backing towards the door.

I started to clear the mugs away.

“Before I go...”

I looked up, startled that he was still there. “What Drew?” I sighed.

“I just wanted to say, Call me!” with a cheesy grin planted firmly on his face, he made the hand gesture—I threw a mug at the door...but not soon enough.

Quick as a fox he slid through the door before the mug even hit it.

As I bent down onto the floor to start cleaning up I mumbled, “Smart-ass.” But couldn't resist a half-smile...

Okay, I probably should have mentioned my acute attraction to big black teddybear guys. Ya know, the giant hulking dudes that could crush you with just their little toe.

Drew was one of these guys.

I guess a psychologist would probably say it's because I want to feel safe....well, it was true in his case. He made me feel safe—well, he used to make me feel safe.

I loved not only his mind (as smarmy as it was), but I took pleasure in how he looked.
Chocolate brown skin, as smooth and perfect as...well, anything that's uber smooth and perfect!?
He had these beautiful eyes and stunning big lips. I loved his afro (though most of the time we were together he had a shaved head), his huge muscled arms, his sturdy thick torso, those muscley treetrunk legs...mmm...

He was just an absolutely gorgeous guy.

When I met him for the first time in the Staff room, I had to admit he caught my eye. Not many huge black dudes worked in our building, and none of them were as beautiful, captivatingly funny and charming, and I just instantly was attracted to him. Luckily it was reciprocated.

He did the usual guy thing. Ya know, taking the same breaks, talking to people who knew me to find out sh*t about me...then asking me out—I am proud to say I didn't say 'yes' until the fourth time (I wanted to see just how dedicated this player was about me)

After our first date (basketball game, burgers and fries, then a beer) he sent me flowers with a note saying, “The Lakers won because you were there. My lucky charm... xo”

I was fully hooked from then on in...

...Then, as you know, the sh*t started hitting the fan.

The phone ringing broke me out of my reminiscing, as it's harsh shrill ring kept repeating.


“Oh my Gosh Skye!?!” An earpiercing voice shrieked down the reciever at me.

It was Alice.

“Are you okay?!? Of course your okay, you just answered the phone. Silly question...” She kept rambling.

“--Allie?” I interrupted. “What's up?”

“I hadn't heard back from you after you txted about dinner, then I txted that I would love to, but you never replied?!? I tried phoning you but it just kept ringing, and then went to answerphone. What happened babe?!”

“Oh sh*t. My phone must have been on silent? I haven't actually checked my phone since I txted yesterday. Sorry hun.” I apologised.

“All good hun, I just thought maybe you got mugged or killed or something. I was almost going to ring the cops to send out a search party for you!” She giggled.

“Yeah, I ran into someone, and we had dinner...” I admitted. Looking down at my answerphone machine I noticed the light blinking, with ten messages on it!?! Ten!! Oh crappadoodle...

“Ohhh!! Do tell! No, wait! Are you at home?--of course your at home, I just rung you at home, D'uh! Don't go anywhere, I'm coming over!” She almost was screaming with excitement.

I sighed, knowing that I couldn't stop her. There was no stopping Alice when she got this excited.
I would have to wait till later to have my mental breakdown about my Micah/Drew situation...

“Sure babe. See you soon.”

--She'd already hung up the phone...


I pressed play on my answerphone machine as I tried my best to tidy up.

First message. Received yesterday at 2:32pm.

“Hey S, it's A. Where the heck are you!? I txted you back about dinz. Im keen as a jellybean! Let me know when and where. Love ya!”


Next message. Received yesterday at 4:55pm.

“Hey S. Still waiting to hear from you about dinz!?! Where are you?! I'm all ready to go. Hrmph. Call me, or txt me whats up babe! Kisses!”


Received yesterday at 6:19pm.

“SKYE!! Where the hell are you!?! I guess dinner isn't happening!? I've left you like a million messages on your smel phone, and txted you, but your not replying! I'm starving!! Oh by the way, Petey has asked me to dinner—and replied to my txt. I said I would wait till 6:30pm and if I hadn't heard from you by then, I would have dinner with him. Man, he's really getting on my nerves, ya know!? He's so clingy..?! I mean come on, if I had said to you I wanted space would you think that means call me everyday!? Sheesh! Haha! Anyway--”


Received yesterday at 6:31pm

“S, it's me. It's 6:30pm. I'm having dinner with Petey I guess? Since my homegirl hasn't got back to me. [Sigh] Slack Skye, slack. Anyways babe, I hope your alright?! I am actually worried. This is the longest I haven't heard back from you. PLEASE call me, or txt me when you get this, just so I know you're alright!”

The rest were pretty much like this. But getting more and more hysterical! I felt sooo guilty.
It's not like I was purposely ignoring her. I just genuinely forgot I had txted her when Micah interrupted my day...

The next few messages caught me off guard a wee bit. Well, brought me crashing back to reality.

Received yesterday at 7:35pm.

“Hey Skye, it's Micah. I'm at the restaurant, and I know you warned me you'd be late, but I'm just trying to confirm your coming and not just ditching! Haha! I tried calling your cell, but you didn't answer...Anyway, I'll wait another fifteen minutes or so. Hope to see you soon hot-stuff!”


Received yesterday at 8:20pm.

“Hey S, it's Drew....[silence] I know it's been a long time, but I really want to talk wit you...I'm going to pop over tomorrow morning, see if we can work our sh*t out. [silence] I really miss you, really. [silence] Okay, I'm outty.”


Then it got worse...

Received today at 8:05am.

“Skye, it's your mother here. I am calling to let you know darling, that I'm coming to stay for a week. I'll be arriving Monday evening. Is that okay? I hope so. Ring me back honey to confirm. I need a break from Frank, he's been driving me nuts! Haha! Love you darling. Please check your messages.”



I couldn't just ring her and tell her not to come!? Especially since I always tell her she's welcome to stay whenever. And especially the fact she's only visited once in the two years I had been living at this house. sh*t...


A short while later Alice turned up at my house. I gave her a rundown of what's been happening.
Her eyes growing wider and wider as the story progressed.

“Wow...” She breathed, “Like, seriously Skye, wow!?! How the heck did everything get so complicated?” She patted me on the arm soothingly.

“I wish to God I knew Allie. I just don't know what's going to happen...and to be honest I kind of wish I could just be single. Ya know? Men complicate everything. No, feelings complicate everything.” I surmised.

“Oh pookie!” She leant over to hug me. “I think you just need a timeout. We should have a lovely girly night with the girls!?! No men, just us! Giggling, drinking, talking, whatever.” She beamed at me.

“Oh sh*t! Stacey!” I groaned and flopped down on the couch.

“Oh*t.” Alice giggled, and sat down next to me, “Hey, it's not that bad! I'm sure she's simmered down somewhat. And if you explain all the crap that's been going on, you know she'll be sympathetic.”

I sat up slowely, thinking over what she'd just told me, “...true...that's one thing Stacey is great at...Oh jeez! Can I just not leave my house ever again!?” I flopped back onto the couch, burying my face in the cushions.
Mumbling into them, “Maybe if I just lie real still noone will know I'm here?!” Groan!

“Haha!! Hun, that's not going to happen. We're adults now, apparantly, and it's time to face the music.” She took the pillows from off my head and continued,
“Now Skye. This is how it is, your really, really lucky to have not one, but two guys after your fine ass! So stop being a baby.
You really like Micah. He's a great guy, totally hot for you, and has never treated you badly—well, not really. Haha! Whereas Drew-boy, has. And my brain is telling me if you want to go back to Drew, personally I'd give it a miss—been there done that; then you need to be honest with Micah. Either way you need to tell Micah, Drew was here...and that you and he kissed.”


She continued on her rant, “I know babe, but that's the dealeo. Stacey, on the other hand, is not important. If she can't support you, especially now she has her prince charming, then she's not a true friend—do NOT tell her I said this!” She pointed her finger at me. “Also, I think your mother will be fine with Micah, maybe not Drew since she knows how he treated you, but definitely Micah. Your mom is soooo lovely, she loves everyone so I'm sure she'll have no probs that he's disabled. And now I have finished my rant, so let's have a glass of wine!” She giggled.

I looked at her from where I was still lying down, “Since when did you get so wise?” I grumbled.

She just laughed at me and grinned, “Come on lazybones! Let's get a drink and a nibble. I'm starving!” She stood up and made her way to the kitchen.

“It's too early to drink Allie, you alcoholic!” I called after her. Sighing, I reluctantly got up to follow her.

Oh well, I'll start my anti-drinking campaign after lunch...

I called and cancelled dinner with Micah, but told him I really need to talk to him, so we should have coffee.

He suggested Monday night, but since that was when my mom was supposed to arrive I told him I'd just meet him after work for a quick drink because I had “forgotten” I had made plans with a “girlfriend”.

I know it's not exactly honest, but I didn't want him to meet my mom just's not like I was trying to hide him!? I just wanted more time to let him cool off...and more time to figure out what to tell my mom.

I knew Alice was right. My mom is a pretty openminded person, and she cares more about who a person is, and how they treat others, than what a person looks like on the outside.

Sighing, I turned out the light, and tried to close my eyes...


I had a restless sleep. Tossing and turning.

I woke up to find that most of my blanket were on the ground, and at some point I had thrown one of my pillows across the room?! As well as somehow managing to get myself wrapped up in my topsheet?!

I dreamt that I was having dinner with my mom when all four guys turn up. Micah, Drew, Josh, and Taylor!?!
It was weird? Because at first they didn't seem to know the others were there, so I had to keep making excuses to hide each of them from the others.
My mom didn't think anything was wrong for some fudged up reason!? It's like it was okay that I was introducing four different guys as my boyfriend?!

She just would say, “Oh darling, what a lovely young man! I hope he's treating you well.”

I was like, sweating?! Going, “Ah..yeah. Thanks mom?! Hold on a second, I just need to...go to the bathroom!?” Or some other lame excuse...

I got so tired running around this restaurant—which seemed a lot like Micah's restaurant?!--trying to stop each of the guys running into each other...

Later on, they somehow knew, and got really mad. All up in my face, yelling at me to choose one!?!

I basically got sooo stressed I blacked out. As in, I don't remember the rest.

So yeah...I had a restless sleep...

The next day I went to work in a perpetual state of Zombie-itis. A combination of sleep deprivation and brain friage. (I don't think that's a word? But at this point I don't really care)

The hours seemed to fly by, even though I felt like I was working half the speed I would normally work at...dreading when the time would tick to five pm—I think that's the first time I had ever wanted to stay at work longer than was required!?!

My mom had txted me that morning and told me she wouldn't arrive until seven pm. So I had at least an hour to try to explain to Micah before I had to gapz it home to my mama. Oh goody... (in case you can't tell, that was sarcasm)

I met Micah at a little french cafe down the road, fifteen minutes after I finished.
Nervously puffing on the remains of a cigarette before I walked in the door.

“God!? I know I haven't talked to you in a while, and I know that there are more important things in the world than my stupid crap, but please dear God let tonight go okay! I promise I will not get into this predicament again, and if I do, I will promptly get out of it and become a nun. Dedicating my entire life to you, forever!?!” I tried to bargain with God...what an idiot!

Stubbing out my ciggarette, I walked in...

It wasn't hard to spot Micah. You don't tend to see a lot of people in wheelchairs around town.
I don't know what it is? Maybe some people just hate town? It's too hard to get around? or maybe they just prefer to stay inside? I don't know? Why the hell am I thinking about this!?

As soon as Micah spotted me coming his face broke into a huge grin, which he abruptly hid by taking a sip of his coffee.

“Hey.” I said, and plonked down in the seat opposite him.

“Hey yourself.” he smiled and leant forward to brush a few loose strands of hair off my face.

“Um. How are you?” I was nervous.

“Good.You were only six minutes late, so that's an improvement.” He smirked at me, then really started to notice my expression, “What's wrong?”

“Uh, nothing...well, actually something.” I started fidgeting, “Your not going to like it.”

Just then a waitress came, interrupting my confession, “Soy cappuccino?”

I just nodded.

“There you go lovey.” She placed the cup and saucer in front of me, “Can I get you anything else?” She smiled at me.

“--No thanks. That'll be all.” Micah said impatiently. Obviously anxious about what I was going to tell him, and pissed she interrupted.

The waitress looked confused at his unfriendly tone, but shrugged and walked away.

“What were you going to tell me Skye?” He sighed.

“I know it seems like everytime I see you there's some sort of drama.” I sighed too. Wanting it to not be my fault for once.

“Yeah, just spit it out please.”

“Okay...Drew was waiting for me at my house yesterday, when you dropped me off.” I said quietly, not quite able to look him in the eye.

“And you f*cked him. I knew you'd get back with him!” He spat at me, and lent back in his chair.

“What?! No! I didn't f*ck him, Micah!?! I can't believe you would jump to that conclusion! f*ck, what do you think I am? Some kind of slut!?” I leant across the table and hissed back at him.

“Well, what then?”

“...we kissed—well, he kissed me first...I just didn't stop him.” I admitted.

“Are you serious?!” His voice was starting to rise again, “Did you kiss him back?!” He folded his arms, as if to brace himself for the oncoming battle.

“...yes.” I said in a small voice, barely above a whisper.

I felt like sh*t.

“I'm so sorry Micah. I didn't mean for it to happen...”

Silence followed for what seemed like an eternity.

I risked a peek at him, up through my lashes. He still had his arms folded, but his eyes were shut and he was frowning a lot.

“Are you going to say anything?” I said quietly.

After a long exhale he said quietly, “Anything else?” He looked me in the eyes.

“No.” I said. My voice still just barely above a whisper.

“So your not getting back together with him?” Blue eyes looking anxious.

Silence. I didn't know how to answer?

I mean, I didn't think I was getting back with Drew, right now...but I couldn't say I hadn't thought about in the future. I don't exactly like to plan that far ahead.
“Skye, are you getting back together with him?!” He repeated himself again.

I finally admitted, “I don't know.”

I looked up to see him push away from the table, and watched him start to put his jacket back on.

“W-where are you going?” I stammered out.

“I need some air.” He muttered.

“I'll come with you.” I stood up, and moved away from my untouched cappuccino.

“No.” he said firmly. The look on his face made me feel uneasy. “I meant, I want to get air, alone.”

“Do you want me to...just wait here for you?” I said hopefully.

Sighing he turned to face me, “No, I don't care what you do.” and with that, he wheeled away.


To be continued....