I met Micah's parents one day...

I won't go into too much detail, but I will say, they were not impressed by me at all... haha!

Could have been to do with the fact I turned up in a hippy dress, with braids in my hair, and sandals on my feet. (Yes, I like to dress like a freak sometimes)

I mean, they actually looked down their nose at me!?! WTF?!

I admit I don't come from a regular happy-clappy, “well-to-do” family unit
I mean there were points where we had money...but more points when we didn't. Not that it's a competition or anything....

My parents are divorced. His parents are also divorced, and remarried. I just figured we're in the 21st Century, aren't we?! And that social class, and all that jazz, was moot.

...err, apparantly I hadn't got the memo?!

We came back to Micah's place, after the Art Exhibition—which I totally loved—with me sulking in the car.

“What now Skye?!” Micah sighed, and kept his eyes on the road.

“Your Step-mother HATED me. Your dad didn't say more than two words to me. What the f*ck?! Seriously, I don't know why they're soo fricken snobby?!” I kept my eyes on the road too.

“She did so—okay, that's not true. But she's never liked any of my girlfriends. And my dad, well he's just, my dad. He doesn't really have an opinion unless it comes to business, or money-well, they go hand in hand, so really only one thing.” He chuckled.

I just gave him the evils, “That's not even funny.”

Sighing, “Look Skye. It doesn't matter if they don't like you. I do.” He glanced at me. “I mean, come on, your mom didn't like me either.” He grimaced.

“Yes she did! Okay, not at first. But now she loves you. She keeps talking about kids and, ugh! Marriage and sh*t.”

“What does, “Ugh! Marriage and sh*t” mean?” He retorted back.

“You know how I feel about marriage.” I muttered through my teeth.

The subject had come up a couple of weeks back. At first it was just jokes about what we would do, how the wedding would be, and how many kids we wanted etc...all fun and games till someone gets hurt.

I've never really believed in marriage. It's an outdated institution—That's a lie. I mean, more that people these days can't seem to commit to a dinner date, let alone promising “forever” with someone...sounds stupid to me.

I'm all for those who believe in it, and somehow magically make it work. But I've seen more people in miserable marriages than I've seen in happy ones; and that's what I mean.

Don't get me wrong, I am a girl. So I have definitely had those dreams of a “perfect wedding” and all that. I just knew that, to me, it was a fantasy. A perfect, unattainable fantasy. Reality had nothing to do with it.

Okay,I'll admit, the one time I thought seriously about marriage, and considered it a possibility, was with Drew....and we know how well that turned out...

Seriously, why risk a good thing by “committing” yourself on paper, when your already commited in your hearts? I don't know.

I guess it's just from bad experience, and personal fear that have me feeling this way.

Perfect example is Micah's parents. They barely said any words to each other, and when they did, they weren't exactly loving ones...

Whereas Micah and I were having fun as we were. Boyfriend and girlfriend. (Haha! I feel sooo high school saying that!) But it's true. Why should anything have to change?

I thought we were past this sh*t. I mean, he agreed with my sentiments, and fully didn't press the issue...till now.

“What do you want me to say, Micah?! You know how I feel about Marriage.” I sat up straight, and looked him in the face.

“Yeah, but I thought you might change your mind after being together a long know somewhere down the track...” He trailed off. Staring intently at the road. His hands gripping the steering wheel.

“Well, I honestly can't tell you about 'down the track', but I know right here, right now, marriage isn't in my vocabulary.” I said softly, still looking out the window.



Turns out the thing with Petey and Alice had hotted up, considerably. They were now engaged.

Showing off her ring at her engagment party, Alice cooed, “Isn't it fantastic!?!” She wiggled her fingers so the cut sparkled in the light some more.

“It's-it's beautiful Allie.” I held her hand, really examining the quality (not that I know sh*t about diamonds. Haha!) “Congrats babe.”
I lent in to hug her, pausing to whisper in her ear, “Um, I thought you didn't like Petey anymore?” I was uber confused.

A month ago she'd been whining about how clingy and annoying he is, then Kablam! She's now engaged to the slimey little dishboy-I mean, Sous chef.

“He owns his own Condo, and his family is wealthy. Plus he really has got his sh*t together now.” She whispered back in my ear. “Don't worry babe. I know what I'm doing.” she twinkled at me.

“If you say so.” I pulled back, and plastered a smile across my face.

Micah was just looking at us, smiling an odd smile.

I couldn't be bothered asking him what was wrong in front of all these people.

Yep, we were fully over the honeymoon period.

I mean, we didn't hate each other. It was just now the normal sh*t comes into play. Ya know the fighting, the make-up sex, the lovey-dovey romantic moments. Made everything seem more real, more solid. I liked that.
(Not the fighting. I absolutely HATE fighting...but the making up is pretty good. [winky wink!] haha!

So after a few too many Pina Colada's with the gang, a lot of dancing and gossiping, we called it a night and said farewell to the happy couple. (Micah elected himself as sober driver, since it was my friends engagement)

“So babe. You staying over again tonight?” He winked at me as we strolled along the sidewalk.

I had to laugh. “Yeah, why not!”

I had pretty much been living at Micah's house (As you can tell from the bombsite which is called my house) Partly because it's closer to my work, I don't have to drive because he drops me off (which means I'm not late anymore—Which my work now loves! Haha!) and mostly cos I love waking up beside him.

When we had got in the car I decided to broach the subject, “So, what was up with you tonight, hun?”

“What do you mean?” He gave me a quick glance.

“You were all poofy when you were talking to Dave and Petey. Did they say something to offend you?” I was curious.

I mean, I don't like bad blood. Not that there'd been any that I knew of recently. Stacey and Dave had been amazing. Completely different from during the wedding. We had gone on a few double dates, and had some great fun...a few too many drunken fun moments, that we're NOT going to talk about. Hahhahahaaa! [Groan!]

“, not really.”

It was like squeezing water out of a rock....

Sighing, “What does that mean?”

“It means, not really.” he grunted out at me.

“Okay, fine. You don't want to talk about it.” I agreed. “But you know you're going to have to sometime...I just thought you might want to get it over and done with now.” I smirked and winked at him.

He just looked at me angrily, “Whatever Skye.”

“Oh geez. Fine. You grumpy bum.” I turned to look out the window.

I decided if he was going to be a dick, then I was too. Yes,. I know. Soooo mature of me.
It's just...when Micah's in a bad mood, he won't budge.

He just sulks and goes silent for aaagggeeessss!?! And then finally after he's thought about it fully, by himself, he'll talk to me about it.

Which in some ways is good, cos I don't like it when people get all crazy mad and start yelling and name-calling. It makes no sense, and people end up saying things they regret...
Whereas his way, he thinks it over from different perspectives, and then crafts his thoughts in an intelligent and usually calm way...except tonight I didn't want to wait.

I knew it was eating him up, and eventually it was going to explode. So why not get the exploding underway now? Maybe I could help ease some of the anger? Probably not...I have a habit of making things worse sometimes.

“Well, you can drop me home then. “ I concluded.

“Are you serious?” He said surprised, glancing quickly at me again.

“Yes.” I nodded. “If your going to be all silent and pissy, I may as well go home.”

After a lengthy pause he finally admitted, “Fine. Have it your way.” He sighed, “They were asking me when we were going to get hitched.”

“And...” I was surprised. I didn't think guys talk about that kind of thing with each other?

“And..there's nothing to talk about. I said, you weren't into the idea, and they were kind of surprised, and didn't say anything after that.”

“Sheesh, you could've made it sound more like a group effort Micah!?” I frowned, a wee bit embarrassed.

“Well, it's not.”

“What do you mean, it's not?! You said yourself you didn't want to get married right now or anything. So actually, yes. It is a group decision.” The angry words seemed to just spew out of my mouth.

“Yeah, I said that. Mostly because of what you said. Of course I want to get married Skye. I'm nearly f*cken 30!?! I know I want to marry you, otherwise I wouldn't have brought it up, but you don't feel the same way, so the point is moot.”

“So what if your nearly 30!? That doesn't mean sh*t.” I grasped at straws, because I knew what the elephant in the car was...

“You're not even going to address the other part of my argument?”

Sighing, “Of course I am.” I raked my hand through my hair, “Look Micah, we've been dating for nearly six months now. Which is almost the longest relationship I've ever had. The point is, I don't know where this is going. Do we have to set it in stone, like right now?” I was frustrated.

Sighing back at me as he pulled onto my street. “No, of course not. I just want to know where I stand. Figuratively speaking.” He half-smiled as he added that on the end.

“I just don't think we should have to put a time-line on our relationship. I love the idea of just seeing where the wind takes us. Who knows, six months from now I could totally be thinking that way!?—don't get your hopes up—I'm just saying, I can't speak for tomorrow, I can only speak for today.”

He pulled into my driveway, put the car in park, and looked at me, “Okay.”

“Okay?” I half-smiled.

“Yes, okay. I can accept that.” He rolled his eyes as he saw me begin to grin. “Now are you going to get out, or are you coming back to my place?”

I looked out at my dark, lonely house, and back at his face, “Let's get out of here!”

The dishes would have to wait...


The argument all but forgotten, the weeks flew by. My mom and her boyfriend Frank were planning to come stay in a week, and I was uber excited...not.

She'd been telling me they were still having problems, and I wasn't looking forward to witnessing them firsthand.

I was also gearing up to finish my dumb office job in two days. Yah! Freedom never tasted so good!

I had handed in my notice and had been eagerly counting down the hours. Determined that when Ifinished at the hellhole that had been my life for the last eight months, it would soon all be just a distant, foggy memory of nothingness.

“So I hear you're leaving?” Drew's head popped around the side of my cubicle.

“Yep. How'd you hear that?—Oh, never mind. It's not important.” I shook my head, as I filed away some letters to go to the postal sector. “What brings you down, Drew?”

He came round and lent on the wall, “Well...I've been thinking—“

“—Ohh, that can't be good!” I laughed.

He just grinned at me, “No, seriously Skye. I'm glad that we've resolved our sh*t, and can be friends now.”

just friends, aye?!” I raised my eyebrow at him. (He'd been trying non-stop to get me to have a “date” with him. Especially ever since he met Micah...he'd fully been upping the stakes...silly boy.)

Laughing, he shook his finger at me, “Naughty girl! You know you have a boyfriend!” He cracked up again, as I joined in.

It was really nice, being on the same wavelength again. That part of Drew I loved. His cheekiness was infectious.

“Stop it.” I whacked him on the arm, “Now, seriously, what do you want?”

“How's Mikey?” He ignored me.

I frowned at him, “Good...why's that?”

“No reason.” He stood back up. “Just that I saw him with this brunette chick going into a restaurant the other day...See ya.” He turned to waltz off.

“Hold up! What? Are you sh*t-stirring, or are you for real?” I had to know.

Drew turned around, open and honest look on his familiar face, “For reals.”

“Where? When?” I stood up.

“At that restaurant he owns, last Thursday night.”

“Oh, no he said he had a staff meeting that night.” I sat back down, satisfied.

“Uh, well, he gets on really well with his staff then...” He chuckled, as he turned to resume his mission.

“Wait! What do you mean?” I was getting a tad annoyed.

“She was dressed to the nines. Hair, heels, short dress. He was laughing with her, and she lent in and kissed him, I'm pretty sure?” he thought outloud, “Then they went inside.

“That doesn't mean sh*t...” I trailed off, slumping into my extremely uncomfortable office chair.

“Whatever you say Sky-sky. Alls I know is, that I don't want to see you get hurt, that's why I'm giving you a headsup.” He lent down, and kissed my cheek, “You deserve better.” and strode off.

I was too perplexed to really register I let him kiss me on the cheek. It just wasn't important where my brain was heading.

What the f*ck?!—I shouldn't jump to conclusions before I've talked to him. I know Drew likes to cause sh*t because he wants me back...but I also knew when Drew was on the level. He wasn't thhaaattt good of a liar...I would talk to Micah tonight. And I got back to working...

Well...on the outside I was “working”, us girls don't have a switch that can turn off our brain when something mega is churning.


So I confronted Micah when I met him at his restaurant.

He was sitting in his office going over rosters or something.

“Hey.” I popped my head through the door.

“Hey yourself!” He grinned at me.

“Got a moment?”

“Always, for you. Come in.”

I sat down on the seat in front of him. I had flashbacks of being in the Principals office...not coolio.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” He put down his papers and stared at me over the piles of sh*t on his desk.

Definitely felt like I was in the Principals office now...

“Umm...” I didn't know how to phrase it. “Ah...who were you with last Thursday?”

“What do you mean?” Was I mistaken or did he look a little paler?

“It's not really a 'what do you mean' kind of question, Micah. Who were you with?!” My voice was rising a little.

I mean, come on! If he had nothing to hide he wouldn't have asked me that. He would have bloody just told me who it was!?! Wouldn't he?

“I was with a friend...” He looked down at his desk, and started rearranging some sh*t.

“Annnddd...who was that friend?” I was getting really annoyed now. “Just fricken tell me, please.” I added calmly.

Sighing, he looked me right in the eyes, “It was Stacey.”

I let out a sigh of relief this time. “Oh, that makes sense then. You had me worried for a second.” I laughed a little. Feeling kind of sheepish.

“What do you mean, 'that makes sense then'? Who told you anyway?” He looked a little pissed off this time.

“Well, I thought you might have been cheating on me. But I guess I over-reacted.” I laughed.

“Well, I wasn't...really. Nothing happened.” He looked down.

My eyes flew up at that one, Saying as slowly as I could get out, “What do you mean, 'nothing happened'?! Stacey's married, isn't she?!”

“Yes. We just had a catchup. That's all...” His eyes told me that wasn't all.

“Well, tell me what happened in that 'catchup' then? If it's no big deal Micah.” I was holding my breath. I kind of felt like hurling something at his head? Is that right?

After a short pause he launched in, “She's been having problems with Dave. He goes out a lot, drinking. Leaves her at home. She wanted my opinion on it. I knew Dave was having a hardtime being this 'grown-up, married man' thing, so he was spending a lot of time here, with me, drinking. He loves Stacey, but he's not coping...”
He sighed, and continued, “I offered her a shoulder to cry on. We got talking, and then somehow we started reminiscing about the good ol times...she was confused. She kissed me, but I pulled away. I laughed it off, and we were all good.”

I gulped, bigtime. “So...she wants you back?”

He looked agonised, “...yes.”

“And what did you say?” I spoke so clearly, and slowly as to not get my question confused.

“I told her I love you, and that I...I do miss her, but it's wrong.” He admitted.

I stood up to go.

“Where are you going?” He spat out, surprised. “You always f*cken do this! We're in the middle of a conversation, and you just up and go. What's the dealeo here Skye? You can give it, but you can't take it? I mean, you still haven't told me who told you?! Care to share?!”

The gloves were off.

I spun around to face him properly, “It was Drew, you asshole. It was f*cken Drew.” I shouted back. “ And No, I don't plan on going back to Drew, ever! So don't chuck that mistake back in my face. Look, do whatever the f*ck you want. I'm leaving. Don't f*cken bother calling me tonight. My phones switched off.”

I marched out of his office, tears streaming, as I slammed the door behind me.

I didn't give two sh*ts that everyone in the restaurant, including the staff, had their eyes popping out of their head.

Nope, I didn't give two sh*ts...


I got home later and cried till I felt like I had been sucked dry.

I think my mom was right? There was waaayyyy too much drama in our relationship?! It just seemed to escalate from day one.

I mean, I love Micah. That wasn't the question.

The question was, was the drama worth the heartache that was becoming our relationship?

We seemed to have had hurdle after hurdle since we started. It had felt great after we had jumped over each one successfully. With our relationship, and feelings still in tact. But the dealeo was, it just kept happening!?! What the f*ck?!

I'm sure at some point the trust starts to go when so much sh*t goes on?
I mean, I trusted Micah, to a anyone with eyes could tell, it was getting smaller by the day.
But how were you supposed to get it back?

We sometimes seemed like the same person. On the same wavelength, laughing and joking. Don't forget the mindblowing sex! But other times we were seriously, at each others throats!? It was starting to get volitile.

Jealousy within a relationship doesn't work.

He was still pissy over the fact I was now friends with Drew. But he chose not to say anything.
I could tell though....

I had NO idea that he and Stacey were even speaking, like friends!?! Let alone personal sh*t about the past?!

I had NO idea that Stacey was having problems in her marriage either?! I hadn't seen much of her, especially by herself. And knowing her, she always had that “Perfect housewife” facade on, so it was hard to tell when the cracks began to show.

It's not like he 'cheated' on me? He had done the exact same thing I had done with Drew, except he had the decency to pull away (or so he saids)?! I just didn't know what to think? I couldn't condemn him for that, could I?

I also wanted to know, why the f*ck didn't HE tell me about this, last Thursday when it happened?! Instead of hiding it from me. Letting me hear it from some other person?! That was definitely wrong...


I didn't know what to do?! Does love really conqueor all? Or was that just some joke some idiots made up so people stay miserable together under the umbrella of “love”?!?

I didn't know. All I knew was I had to get away to think clearly.


I drove over to Alice's, not bothering to check if she was home—big mistake. She wasn't.

So, I drove around...just around. Till I ended up outside my other work.

The lights were still on, and I could see Taylor packing up.

I got out of the car, and locked it. Heading inside, I took a deep breath...

“Hey Tay! Hows it going?” I tried my best at perky.

He looked up from behind the counter, instantly concerned, “are you okay?”

Obviously a fail.

I laughed awkwardly, “What makes you say that? Can't a girl come see her favourite boss?!”

He chuckled at that one, “Actually, no. That girl hasn't just popped in for a casual visit in months. So tell me, what's up?”

I grimaced. How can he read me sooo well? I must have a really expressive face or some sh*t? Stupid wearing my heart on my sleeve BS!

“Actually, was wondering if your free for a drink, and a chat. My shout.” I half-smiled.

“For you, anything.” He smiled. “Just let me go set the alarm, and I'll be out in a minute.” He didn't wait for a reply and headed for the alarm out back.

I sighed, and walked outside.


We talked for a good solid two hours. Six beers later, and a couple of Tequila shots, he said something that surprised me.

“It's like this Skye.” he slurred at me, before chucking his arm around my shoulders, “I'm heading to South America next week. You should come.”

“What!?” I slurred back. “You never mentioned that before?! When did you decide that? Why? Who's going to look after the shop?!” I was over the top.

“Don't worry about that. 'S all taken care of. My old man is coming out of retirement. I'm going, and you should come with. Ah-igghhht!” He held up his half empty Corona.

I was perplexed, then suddenly clearheaded, “Ag-ight!” I smacked my bottle into his.

“Great! It's all on then. You and me. Team Doggy Dogg!” He laughed, then downed the last of his beer. Plopping it on the table with a thud.

“Wait! Let's get this straight. “we”, I pointed back and forth at us, “are not on. We're just two friends going to South America, right?!” I had to make this clear.

Relationships were the LAST thing on my mind.

“Absolutely Sky-sky! I will be nothing short of gentlemanly.” he raised his hand to his heart.

I had to laugh, “Alrighty then. It's a deal. Barkeep! Another round for my friend and I!” I yelled, as I cracked up laughing.


Somehow I got home, and woke up to a killer headache.

Ugh! Did I really agree to go to South America with Taylor?!? Oh sh*t!

I got up and called in sick to work.

They were uber pissed, considering it was my last day and all. But I was fully waaaayyyy to hungover to go in, or give a sh*t.

They could keep the meager things I left on my desk.

I noticed that my answer machine was blinking with five messages on it.

Groaning, I pressed play

Message received at 7:26pm.

Skye, it's me. I think we need to talk about this, properly. Give me a call's Micah, by the way.


Message received at 8:52pm.

Skye?! Where are you? I came round, and your not home. I really think we should talk about this. NOT over an answer machine. Call me back please.


Message received at 11:12pm.

Skye, its nearly midnight and I haven't heard anything from you. I hope your okay. Your cell is off...I don't know what to do? I'm going to be at the restaurant till lunchtime, then I'm working from home. So come over whenever.


Message received at 11:27pm.

Hey Sky-sky!! I sooo wanted to talk to you in person! But I can't get hold of you on your cell, and Mikey has no idea where you are! Soooo...I'll tell it to your machine! Will you be my maid of honor?! [scream] I sooo know you just said, yes! I just wanted to get the formalities out of the way! [laughter] Call me back babe! Love you!!!


Message received at 7:03am.

Hey Skye. I still haven't heard from you. Just checking in, really...[sigh] I hope you'll come round so we can sort this sh*t out. See ya.


Oh crap. Reality sucks.


A couple hours later I headed over to Micah's. I didn't really know what to say? Or what the heck was going to happen.

At that point I would be grateful if he just called it quits. I mean, I'd be gutted beyond belief, but I would be glad to have no more f*cken drama.

Knock, knock.

Husky lost the plot then. Barking like a crazy dog.

“sh*t, shut up boy! f*ck, get out of the way!” I heard him yell through the door.

I had to giggle a little...just a tiny one.

The door flew open, “Skye!” He said surprised.

“Hey.” I half-smiled as Husky came bounding over to me.

“f*cken get inside Husky, now!” Micah laid down the law, pointing inside.

I laughed as Husky's head pointed down, in defeat. Tail between legs he went inside and sat on the floor.

“What?!” He smirked at me.

“You're so mean to Husky.” I let him in on my joke.

“Shut it.” He laughed back, “are you coming inside?”

I remembered why I was here, and shut my trap. I just nodded, and walked in.

I sat down at the table this time. I wanted it to not get too laxed. We had sh*t to talk about.

Sitting there in silence for a moment, I didn't know where to start.

“I'm glad you came.” Micah said quietly.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I met up with Taylor for a drink.” I admitted. Not that I had anything to hide, or the fact that he deserved to know everything I did.

“All good. I was just were pretty upset.”

“So were you.”

“yeah...” He took a deep breath, then exhaled. “I think sh*t got out of hand. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I was still confused about it. Then embarrassed that I let so much time pass. I honestly was not meaning to hide it from you or any sh*t like that.” He looked me in the eyes.

I had to give him props for going first, “Yeah, I know it was f*cked up.” I agreed.
“My problem isn't so much what happened, it's what keeps happening.”

“What do you mean?”

This time, I took the deep breath, and exhaled (There was a LOT of deep breathing going on lately. Crazy sh*t...) “I mean, there's non-stop drama! It doesn't seem to f*cken end. One thing after another...and I'm sick of it.
I love you Micah, but I don't think a relationship is supposed to be this hard. It's supposed to get easier with time. At least that's what people tell me.” I joked.

“...Yeah, I know...” He was pensive for a moment. “I don't understand why it's so f*cken hard to just be with each other? I mean, we love each other and have sh*tloads of fun...but for some reason it just keeps getting f*cked up!?” we were both on the same wavelength now.

“Yeah, I don't get it either...I flippen want this to work, but I don't know how it's going to?”

“Maybe we should take a vacation? Sort some sh*t out away from all these f*cken prying eyes?” He was hopeful....

“umm..well, talking about vacations...”


We had a huge ass chat that spanned well into the night. We even ordered takeaways.

It was really good. We laughed about some sh*t, and cried at others. This was how I wanted our relationship to be.

We apologised for the sh*t we had caused each other, and talked about where we were coming from.
We made plans for the weekend so we could spend some quality time just him and I.
Everything was looking rather peachy.

We spent the night in each others arms and woke up smiling. Cheesing, like idiots.

And I would like to say that was the end....but it wasn't.


The next day, I went home. Promising to see him later.

Smiling as I drove home. I could NOT believe how well that went!? We seemed to be on the right track now. Knowledge is power? I'm sure some loser said that one time?

As soon as I walked in the door my phone rang. Awesome timing.


“OMG! Yahh! Skye! Finally! It's me. I wanted to know when your available to talk about wedding plans? I mean, not that we're gettting married for another seven months. But sheesh! If you want a perfect wedding you have to start planning early. Hello? Are you there?!”

I laughed, “Yes, I'm here.”

“Okay, good. Sooo when are you and Micah free? He was sooo good at Stacey's wedding, that I'm enlisting him to help too. Especially if he wants to see you at all, he better blinkin do it then!” She laughed her tinkle of a laugh.

“ That might be a problem...” I smiled.

“What?! What do you mean? I can't deal with any problems! I'm too stressed as it is!? Tell me!?”

“Um...I'm going to South America on Tuesday. This Tuesday...” I trailed off.

The barrage of expletives followed... I had to hold the phone away from my ear as I laughed.

“Are you serious?!” She said when she had finally calmed down. “When did this happen? Micah never mentioned anything last night when I called him?!”

“That's because I only decided last night. Micah didn't know.”

“Well, Skye he needs to know if your going together!? Sheesh! You can't make decisions for him. D'uh!”

“Actually, Micah's not going with me. I'm going with Taylor.”

“Whhaaaatttt?!?!?!” She screeched down the phone. “When? Why? How?”

He asked me last night. And since I have finished my job, I'm free to do whatever I want. Travelling sounds like a good idea!” I smiled to myself. I knew what was coming next.

“What does Micah think about it?” She was calm now, curious...

“Micah's fine with it.” I cleared my throat. May as well get it over and done with, “...Micah and I broke up last night.”

I won't bore you with the rest of the conversation. But it went on for quite some time.
In the end she understood where we were both coming from. Even offering to come round to talk some more.

I declined.

I had a lot of stuff to organise if I was leaving in four days. Arrrghhhh!!!


I don't regret my time with Micah. Not one bit.

I learnt a lot from him, and had some amazing times and experiences with him.
He taught me how to not take sh*t so seriously, and to live in the moment more.
He taught me I deserve nothing but the best. From life, and from a partner.

He made me smile when I was frowning.
He made me laugh when I was mad.
He made me cry when he was hurting.

You can't forget a person like that.

For now, our paths were separating, and who knows what could happen in the future!?

I certainly didn't!

All I know is:

Sometimes life gives you an unexpected gift...
Whether it's perhaps a cheesy-ass rainbow after a horribly wet, stormy week. Or maybe an unexpected your hair isn't looking as retarded as usual, or it's not so birds-nesty today!?!
“Why thank you kind Sir, I appreciate that you noticed! Today was my monthly hairbrushing!” [cheese-filled smiley faced grin]
Sometimes it's not exactly what you expect, and often it's not what you think you deserve, but you'll take it anyway! A gif'ts a gift, right?!? Haha!
Sometimes, I don't know what it is I expect of life?
Sometimes, I wish my life were different?
And now I was getting my wish.


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