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Hi, my name is Lee.

This page used to be about Paradevo, meaning me. But I've decided to change it to be about Paradevo, meaning this website. After all, nobody really cares about me.

I started Paradevo in the year 2000. I'd always had an interest in disabled men, but even though you can find anything on the internet, that was the one thing you couldn't find. There were lots of websites and they were all dedicated to disabled women. With the help of Devogirl, we launched Paradevo, which was then hosted by geocities. It was mainly a few stories back then, not much content.

Eventually, the site became more extensive. Devogirl was key in writing most of the devotee movie and book reviews. For a while I was adding photos, but those just seemed to get me in trouble, so I no longer put up photos. In 2005, I purchased the domain paradevo.net.

Also around 2005, I started the message board. This has been key in bringing devotees and wheelers together. It's a very active board.

It amazes me how little hatemail I get and how many emails I receive from people thanking me for the website and for making them realize they weren't a freak. Or from men who thanked me for making them feel more sexually desirable. You usually wouldn't describe a fetish site as "heartwarming," but there it is.

These days, I stay pretty hands off and allow the website to run itself. As long as I am financially able, I will continue personally funding paradevo.net.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at paradevo@yahoo.com.