The Trip to the Hospital for Urodynamics

Martin wakes up laying on his left side, his legs bent up routinely, right leg over the left holding it down, the right food stretching the left foot back to help stop spasm.

Even though he can't feel hot or cold, he can feel touch and pressure. He can feel Dee's soft arm against his smooth back. It feels so nice to have someone in bed with him. He smiles to himself as he hears her snoring contentedly.

Martin is very tempted to gently stroke her or to wake her up kissing her. Thoughtfully he decides to let her sleep. Carefully lifting his legs off the bed, he transfers quietly on to his wheelchair. He picks up his clothes that he wore yesterday and puts them in the washing basket nearby.

Quietly Martin wheels over to his cupboard and takes out a fresh pair of tracksuit trousers, a shirt, picks up his shoes on the floor next to him, and puts everything on his lap. He slowly pushes into the other room, closing the bedroom door silently behind him. Martin lifts his left leg, puts on one sock, then slides the trouser leg up it before putting his shoe on. Picking up his other shoe, he repeats the operation with his right leg. He leaves the trousers around his ankles.

Martin rests his feet on the foot strap, tucking them under the springy cord he fitted specially to hold his feet in place when jumping curbs etc.

Martin turns the television on, volume down as low as possible. Making his left hand in to a fist, he pushes firmly down on his "quad paunch," massaging it to put pressure on his bladder to help him pee (the process called "tapping.") This process also helps to empty his bowel later on.

Martin can feel the urine flowing as he presses down whilst watching the news on TV. He has soon filled up a small amount of urine in his leg bag. Martin pushes in to the bathroom; he turns around and reverses back beside the toilet.

He quickly goes through the routine of emptying his bowels. As he does his usual routine, he considers what he has to do for the day. He easily lifts himself back on to his wheelchair, his strong shoulders swinging his light body up on to it.

Martin wheels over to the sink. He has a thorough strip wash and shave, excitedly thinking about Dee still sleeping in bed. He puts his shirt on and pulls up his trousers, tucking his cock and balls in to his right trouser leg as this is more comfortable with the leg bag attached to his lower leg.

Going in to the kitchen and putting the kettle on, he prepares two cups of instant coffee as he can hear Dee stirring in the bedroom. The kettle boils as Dee beautifully comes out of the bedroom and goes in to the bathroom. She has a quick shower then goes back in the bedroom to get dressed.

By the time Dee joins him; Martin has put the two coffees on to a tray and taken them on his lap in to the lounge. Dee comes in wearing the black pants, white long sleeved blouse, and a black jumper she had worn that night. "Wow," thinks Martin as she gives him a quick peck on the lips, stroking his broad shoulders before sitting down in front of him in the big low armchair. "Good morning," she says sleepily and looking radiant.

"Good morning Dee, sleep well?"

"Yes thanks."

"Well Dee, what have you got planned for today?"

She looks out of the window and grimaces slightly.

"I thought we could maybe go for a walk as I had nothing planned today, but it doesn't look very promising outside," she says ruefully.

Martin suggests they could have gone to Blue water, the big shopping complex about twenty minutes away by car. It is all under cover so they wouldn't be affected by the rain. Unfortunately he has to go to Stanmore hospital for Urodynamics that day, a process designed to measure the function and dysfunction of the bladder.

"Ok." She says giving Martin a huge smile. "Would you like some company?"

"No thanks, I will be fine."

Martin actually enjoys the ride up the m25. He loves the lovely countryside he drives past, turning his music up a bit and playing music he likes. He finds it very relaxing. The only thing that worries him is finding somewhere to park so he can get his wheelchair out when he gets there.

Martin nervously tells Dee he's got to make a move soon.

"Would you like a lift home"?

"That's very nice of you." Dee says as she gets up out of the chair, quickly finishing her coffee.

Martin wheels out to the car and opens the passenger door. He climbs in and takes the wheelchair apart, placing it behind the driver's seat. Dee comes out just in time to watch him as he easily throws the frame of the wheelchair over him on to the back seat.

Martin throws his legs over to the driver's side and lifts the rest of his body over. Dee winds up the passenger seat and gets in the car. Martin drops Dee off at her home, relishing the short but very sensuous farewell kiss as she gets out. Dee asks Martin to phone her when he gets back.

"Ok!" Martin says as he drives off.


Martin gets to the Dartford tunnel. He is pleased there are no queues. He gets out his prepared slip that allows him to go through for free. He hands it to the man at the kiosk, giving him a, "Thank you", when he gives Martin a replacement slip and lifts the barrier for Martin to pass.

It takes just over an hour to get to the hospital. As usual, Martin has allowed a bit of extra time in case there are delays on the motorway. These occur quite often on motorways, especially when people slow down to look at accidents or broken down vehicles.

There is a normal size space available when Martin gets to outpatients, but it is not wide enough for him to get his wheelchair out. Martin phones the x-ray department from his car to say he has arrived but hasn't been able to park yet. They are very understanding, as this is a common problem.

After about fifteen minutes, a disabled parking space becomes available. Slightly annoying as the person taking the space is obviously not disabled and does not require a space provided for wheelchair users.

Martin quickly drives in to the space, just beating another non disabled person, who has just arrived, to it. Their car has no disabled stickers and is a huge people carrier. Martin quickly gets his wheelchair out, glimpsing the person in the car nearby giving him evil looks!

Martin ignores her and carries on pushing into the hospital. He quickly pushes down the corridor and down the cold steep slope to the x-ray department.

Martin apologises for being late.

"That's ok." The elderly lady says from behind the high counter. "Thank you for phoning us to tell us you had arrived."

Martin pushes over to the far wall and parks his wheelchair as out of the way as he can. He reaches under his wheelchair and gets his book out to read. He very rarely gets the chance to read as he is often busy, or prefers surfing the internet.

After about twenty pages, he hears his name being called out.

"Here!" Martin says as he quickly puts his book back in the bag under his chair. Martin follows the small Asian nurse to a little room, just off the main waiting room.

The nurse asks him to move over near the special scanner. Martin puts his brakes on and asks, "Do I have to remove my tee shirt?"

"No, I can do it without the need for that." She says smiling.

Martin feels the nurse lift up one side of his shirt, her hand resting on his smooth chest. He feels his skin twinge slightly as she slides the jelled scanner over his smooth skin.

Martin finds the view on the screen very interesting and has a conversation with the nurse whilst she works, making the situation more relaxed and comfortable for both of them. Even though he can't feel the cold, he is still sensitive and a bit ticklish. It is hard not to gasp as she scans him.

"Now for the other side." She says.

Martin spins his wheelchair around for her to do it, cringing at the scanner touching him again. The nurse hands Martin some tissues to clean the scanner jelly off his sides and tummy. Martin cleans it off as best he can, then tucks himself in.

"Ok, I have finished with you now." The nurse says with a smile.

"Thanks" says Martin, smiling back.

He pushes back to where he was sitting and gets his book out. About thirty minutes later his name is called out again. A blonde haired lady, about five feet, eight inches, average build, blue eyes, approaches Martin. He recognises her as he has been attending the hospital for years. The nurse says with a slight Australian accent,

"Hello Martin, go to the room at the far end on the right." As she points it out. "I will join you in a minute."

Martin goes to the room indicated and waits a couple of minutes. The nurse enters the room, followed by another shorter slightly older brunette.

"Hello Martin, haven't seen you for ages! Do you need a hoist to get you on to the table?"

"I think I can manage." Says Martin.

As he holds on to the table, he pushes on to it for support as he stands, straightening and locking his legs with spasm. With the nurses standing on either side supporting him, Martin twists around and lifts himself back on to the table, the nurses lifting his legs up on to it as he hauls himself back.

Martin lays on his back exhausted, his legs straightening and spasming straight uncontrollably.

"Are you ok?" The concerned blonde nurse asks.

"I am fine thanks. It's normal for me." replies Martin, managing a smile to hide his slight embarrassment.

Martin lies back, concentrating as hard as he can to control his spasming legs.

The nurse comes over and slowly slides down martins tracksuit pants, trying not to start his spasms off. Martin doesn't wear underwear as this is bad for his circulation.

She brings over the necessary equipment and carefully pulls off Martins condom. She cleans his penis thoroughly, getting ready for the next step.

Martin gasps and grits his teeth as he feels the nurse gently get hold of his penis and pull his foreskin back. He feels the syringe as the nurse steadily forces a special liquid in to his penis. It is designed to relieve sensation and make it easier to do the tests, but it feels awful to Martin! It feels like his penis is going to explode with the pressure of the liquid entering his urethra! It only takes about fifteen seconds, a lifetime to Martin.

She realises Martin is in distressed and tries to distract him with conversation.

"The lady who did your ultra sound earlier said there was a really nice guy who is coming to you next." She gives martin a big grin.

"When did she say this?" Asks Martin amazed and slightly flattered.

"We had a quick lunch together after your ultra sound."

"That was nice of her." Martin, smiling back.

"Will you roll on to your left side please Martin"?

Martin complies. She carefully inserts a lubricated gloved finger, pushing a sensor deep in to Martins rectum. Martin is used to inserting a finger up his bum when doing manual evacuations, but her finger feels strange and huge to him. He squirms slightly but only for a few seconds.

Martin rolls over on to his back again. The nurse spreads Martins thighs and lays a urine collecting bottle between them. She slowly steadily inserts a catheter which has two straws like attachments. She proceeds to empty Martins bladder. She removes the catheter, leaving the attachments inside. After measuring the amount emptied, she asks the other nurse to take an x-ray.

They turn the machine on to fill Martins bladder through the straw like attachments. It isn't long before Martin feels the sensation to pee.

"I am peeing." Martin says, pleased and also slightly worried that his penis is missing the bottle.

"Ok Martin, take an x-ray." He hears the machine hum and take another picture of his bladder.

"What do you normally do to pee?" asks the nurse.

"I normally tap."

"Ok, do that and see if you can empty your bladder."

Martin reaches down and presses both hands on to his bladder. He is soon peeing more as he gently massages and manipulates his tummy. After about five minutes, the flow seems to stop.

"I think that is it." Martin says, hoping he has emptied his bladder enough. The machine hums again and the nurse checks the small TV screen.

"It looks pretty good to me." She says smiling. "Your bladder looks empty according to the x-ray"

"Great!" says Martin feeling relieved.

The nurse comes over and hands Martin some towels to clean up. Martin swings his legs over the side of the table and falls safely down on to his wheelchair, the nurses holding his chair just in case.

The assistant nurse leaves whilst the familiar nurse stays to do the paperwork and organise the x-rays. She discretely looks away so Martin has a bit of privacy to reconnect his condom.

Martin gets a condom out of his bag and tries to fix an urihesive strip. Unfortunately his penis has slight trauma and even though he masturbates, it doesn't get quite hard enough to attach his leg bag condom on. It may also be that he is slightly shy and the nurse is still in the same room. He is not sure if she can see him in the reflection from the window she is facing.

The nurse can actually see Martin in the reflection and watches as he masturbates his clean smooth cock. It is all she can do not to turn around and offer to help him get hard while watching his exhausted legs swaying as he masturbates desperately, trying to connect his condom.

She can still remember holding his penis, feeling it get slightly hard whilst she cleaned it. She always liked doing a very thorough job cleaning a nice cock, especially one as nice as Martins. She remembers the feeling as her finger slid deep in to his bum, so firm, smooth and the sphincter gripping her finger. Remembering how sexy his body was, squirming with this sudden sensuous invasion of his helpless, submissive, obedient body. The feeling of his smooth clean soft skin, her hand brushing his balls as she slid the catheter deep in to his body really got her turned on when she caught herself thinking, "Oh had better stop these thoughts!" She brings herself back to what she is supposed to be doing.

She tries to concentrate on doing her job and finishes it so quickly!

"Are you ok?" Martin hears the nurse say suddenly.

"Yes thanks, I had trouble getting hard, so had to get an easier roll on catheter out!"

"That's quite common." Replies the nurse reassuringly.

"Ok, I will try not to be long."

"Take your time." She says. "There is no rush."

Martin manages to get hard enough to roll on the aqua dry condom. Later on he gets harder once the worry of putting the condom on in front of an audience has ceased.

Martin manages to reconnect the leg bag and pulls up his trousers, much to the nurse's disappointment.

"I am ready now." Says Martin.

"Ok, here are your x-rays; will you be ok taking them up the slope?"

"I will be fine thanks."

The nurse comes over and gives him a quick hug.

"Hope to see you next visit."

"Thanks, me too! Bye!" Martin waves, and then pushes off down the small corridor.

Martin pushes up the slope, being careful the large folder with years of X-rays doesn't slide off his lap. He goes straight to outpatients and hands his folder in. He settles down to read his book. He only waits for about ten minutes before his name is called.

Martin quickly pushes in to the small room, consisting of a small low bed and a small desk and chair. The familiar consultant is there waiting for him. After a quick check through the folder, he mentions that the ultra scan may have shown up a small kidney stone. He says,

"Too small to operate on now; I'll so see you in six months."

"Thanks." Martin says shaking his hand,

"See you in six months."

Martin quickly leaves the small room. Five minutes after entering the small room, he is pushing back to his car. Martin quickly leaves the hospital grounds, hoping to get to the Dartford tunnel before the traffic builds up. He is looking forward to getting home and seeing Dee again.

To be continued...