My mother didn't mention anything negetive about Micah when I got home. She was busy making her famous chicken pie, and humming when I arrived through the door.

“Hey baby! How was your night last night?” She smiled at me.

“Uh. Good, thanks mom. How was your night?” I sat down, and unloaded my bag onto the kitchen table.

“Good.” She whizzed back and forth in my kitchen.

It was weird? Like she had been in my kitchen a bizzillion times before, instead of just twice.
She knew where everything was, and had no problems taking over...I kind of liked it?

“So...Frank rung last night.” she gave me a quick glance before she went back to rolling out pastry.

“...Annddd?” (Why do people insist on playing this game? Haha!)

She stopped her rolling, and looked at me, smiling, “He doesn't want to get a divorce!”

“Oh goody?” I said sarcastically.

She ignored me, “AND! He wants to go to couples counselling with me! To try and get back on the right path again, ya know? Open the lines of communications. He really is a good man, and takes good care of me, He said he realised how much he missed me when I went away and....” I let her drone on and on.

Obviously, now that her love life was getting back into order, she didn't have time to nit-pick over mine. Which I guess was good?

I mean, I didn't actually want her to get back with Frank. Because from what I hear he was a pretty verbally abusive man...but that's my mom. She likes the bad boys.

I don't think she consciously thinks, 'Hey I think I can change them!?'
More that they'll change because she's so lovely and treats people with so much love and respect—okay, she probably wouldn't call it that. But basically it is.

“—That's great mom.” I said unenthusiastically. “I'm going to get ready for dinner, if that's sweet?”

“Sheesh, you could be happy for me, Skye!” She grumbled, before she waved me away.

“I am mom. I just...I just don't want you to get hurt again.” I walked over to stand next to her. “You know what I'm saying, don't you?” I looked at her concerned.

“Yeah baby, I know.” She just half-smiled at me, before slapping me on the butt, and shooing me away.

We both cracked up laughing as I was swatted out of the kitchen.

I was glad that everything seemed to be okay. That she wasn't pissed or upset at my decisions.

I guess it's the same thing then? I can't exactly condemn, or criticize, the decisions she's made...

Funny how that turned out? Ha?


The rest of the week flew by peacefully. I had some great chats with my mom.
Took her to see some amazing gardens and an art museum, I invited Alice over for dinner one night, we did a grueling trek up a mountain trail (stupid idea. So unfit!), we went to a few restaurants, I even took her to a club...for an hour. Haha!

I was sad to see her go, but glad she had come for a fragment of time...and was now going back to her own life.

Hugging her tightly, I got all teary-eyed. “I'm going to miss you mom!”

“Me too!” She had already turned on the waterworks and it was now running down her face. “Promise you will call me later, and tell me how it went?!” She looked me sternly in the face.

“I will.” I smiled through my goopy eyes. “Now, make sure Frank behaves! If he doesn't tell him I will have to come down there and sort him out!” I gave her a stern look. “No, seriously. You can come stay whenever you want Mommy!” I hugged her again, wiping my face on her top.

“Skye!” She pushed me away. “That's so gross, darling!”

I had to laugh at her, “But mommy, you let me do that when I was little!?”

She gave me a cross look, “Well, darling, you're not little anymore, are you?!”

I cracked up laughing, as I rubbed her back, and led her back to the car.

“Bye mom. Drive safely! Txt me when you get home, okay?!” I wasn't trying to be pushy, but we would've been here all bloody night saying goodbye if someone didn't make a move.

“I will baby!” She put her seatbelt on and closed the door. Giving me a little wave and a smile. She started backing out...until she stopped.

Rolling down her window she called out, “Look after Micah will you?! He's a lovely boy Skye. Seriously, a lovely boy.” She grinned, then tooted, and continued backing out.

I stood there waving until she had gone out of view. I was completely speechless.

Mom liked Micah now?! No. Mom now approved of Micah?! What the f*ck just happened?!

I shook the thoughts out of my head, and headed for the house to get ready.


I knew the time was coming when I would have to face Stacey.

Okay, turns out I mean today was the day that I had to face Stacey...

I wasn't looking forward to it, but Dave text me about the photos and getting together that evening for a drink and dessert. He said to bring a 'friend' if I wanted...

I fully knew what that meant. They were checking up on me and Micah to see what was up. I felt like playing along...

Hey Dave!
Can't wait to see you
guys! Will be there with
bells on. Yes, I'll bring M.

Micah was fully up for the challenge. Something made me feel like he was just as nervous as I was...

The day flew by. Nothing I could do could slow down the was like marching to doomsday. (Okay, okay, it wasn't that dramatic. Haha!)

Micah and I decided to meet them together.
That whole 'united-front' sh*t that people like to do when they are confronting something epic...(I fricken hate that word! Why did I just say it?!)

As usual I was a few minutes late and Micah was waiting, outside in the cold, for me.

“Hey boy.” I smiled shyly at him. I liked the fact that just looking at him, turned me on.

He turned around to look at me, “Hey yourself!” He grinned. “Shall we?” he gestured for me to go in first.

I sighed, “Yeah. Let's get this sh*t over with.”

The doorman opened the door for us. Smiling his patronizing smile...some people are just dooches, aren't they?!

We spotted them sitting a couple of tables over, and ignoring the hostess, we made our way over to them.

“Hey babe!” Stacey stood up, arms open to greet me.

“Uh, Hey Stace!?!” She hugged me tightly.

“You look soo good! Did you get a haircut?” She smiled genuinely at me.

“Uh, no. I think it's just gone a little afro today.” I laughed.

In the meantime, the boys were doing their thing. Catching up and all that jazz.

So far so good....


The night actually turned out to be pretty awesome?!

Stacey seemed to have chilled out, majorly. Her and Dave were so cute together. He was attentive to her every need, and in turn she was as affectionate as a mother hen. It was great to see them in action. Looks like they were the real deal.

I showed them the photos—Well, the good ones. Which they were flippen stoked about. Which made my smile somehow get wider, and cheesier...I love a good compliment in the evening...

Every now and then Micah would look at me, and smile, occasionally, leaning over and whispering something HILARIOUS he'd noticed, in my ear...
I loved when he would put his hand on my thigh, when he was talking about sh*t we'd been doing, and give it a cheeky feel-ski...naughty boy! Will have to teach him a lesson later tonight...

It was some kind of weird Brady Bunch kind of evening. Where everything was just Groovy baby...or whatever the f*ck they say! Haha!

The moment I was waiting for came during dessert.

“So babe.” Stacey turned to look at me seriously, and then Micah, then back to me.

“Yeah...Stace?” I said slowly.

“I just wanted to apologise to you, and Micah, for how I acted before we left.” She turned to look at Micah, her face open and apologetic, “I'm so sorry Micah. I should never have said what I said. I thought about it when we left, and realised how selfish and judgemental I was being. It wasn't right.”
She looked lovingly at Dave for a moment, “My lovely husband told me off, and I realised that I have no right to butt into your personal life. I am happy...” She grabbed her husbands hand and stroked it warmly, “and I believe that everyone has a right to this kind of happiness.”
She looked back at us, beaming, “So I hope you can forgive me, and we can be the best of couple friends! You guys are just adorable together!”

She was fully serious...

I cracked up laughing at the same time Micah did.

Stacey and Dave looked at us, confused. As though maybe someone had farted and they hadn't quite caught on yet.

“Sorry!” I spluttered out between giggles, only to look at Micah's face and start all over again.

When Micah had calmed down a little (I was still going), he informed them, “I think what Skye is trying to say is, Thanks. We appreciate that.” He winked at Stacey. Her face still in a state of horror.

“Oh...okay? Why is Skye still laughing then?”

“Uh..” He looked at me. “I think she's laughing at something else...” He smirked at me, then slapped me on my thigh, under the table. “Quit it.” He whispered through his teeth.

I excused myself to go to the loo.


It wasn't so much what she was more how she said it. Hahaa!
I was already feeling like I was in some cheesy romantic comedy, when she pulled that sh*t out.

I mean, I love Stacey. That is fully what I love about her.
Her cheesiness is infectious, and hilarious at times. She is also genuine in what she saids.
I do think part of it is her need to appear like the “perfect housewife” or some sh*t? But I appreciate that she;s consistant. Hehe!

I had to laugh when she said that though, come on! It was funny!

I fully wasn't expecting it. I somehow thought she wasn't going to say anything, about it. So in part it surprised me.

I'm not apologising for laughing, cos it really was deserved.
I'm more thinking how hilarious that Micah and I were on the same wavelength in our...?...appreciation of Stacey. Hahahaaa!

I dabbed at my eyes, getting rid of any smudges of mascara, from the almost laughing-so-hard-I-cried moment.

Then exited the ladies room. Resolved to be as lady-like and grown-up as Stacey was.
After all I was an adult, with a job, a serious boyfriend.....and a wicked sense of humor...hahahahaaaaa!

Sigh. I'll stop it, really.

We left the Happy Couple (Stacey and Dave) and headed for Micah's car.

Laughing and chatting about what the Heck just happened.

“So you want to come over?” He winked at me.

I cheesed back, “Sure. I'll follow you back to your pad.” Then lent down and gave him a smackerooni on the lips...he pulled me into his lap...

We were there for a good solid two minutes before I noticed it was a bit too PDA for my usual taste...ahh f*ck it.

Micah was looking at me, all hot like that...and I couldn't help but continue in my lustful moment.

I opened my eyes to see an old couple, and a few other peepz around our age, just staring at us...
Mouths gaping, eyes wide, like WTF!?!

I loved it.

I grinned and winked at them, and started fully pashing Micah's face off.

At one point peeking to see if they were still there...the old couple were.

“Having a good geeze there?!” I grinned at them.

The old lady just Hrmphed at me, shaking her head, “Well I never...” She muttered as her husband pulled her along.


Micah was just looking at me a little concerned.

“What?!” I got up off his lap, “They deserved it. Nosey old geezers.” I laughed.

“Really?” He gave me a sideways glance.

“Yes, I stand by my decision your honor, and I plead not guilty.” I smirked at him, then began looking for my keys.

“Okay then...” He seemed so serious.

“What Micah?! What's that look for?” I retorted.

He sighed, “I was just playin with ya.” He started unlocking his car door. “Your so freakn dramatic sometimes.”

I walked up to the open cardoor, as I watched him transfer, “Yes, I am. You know that about me. Admit it, you love it.” I was not budging. (And no, it wasn't cos I wanted to watch)

When he got comfortable, he looked up at me, “Yeah, I know.” He chuckled. “Now get out of here before I take it back.”

I lent over to kiss him on the cheek, before galloping off. Turning once to poke my tongue at him, before taking off again.

I have to admit. I think I was made to be pleasured by a para.

I know that's a weird sentence, and it's something I've thought about for a long time.

There is just something about the two of us coming together that seems to fit so perfectly...and sooo hotly. (Is that even a word? Mwah, it is now! Haha!)

I mean, Micah is just sooo...? What's the word?...Delicious, to look at, and what's even more delicious is when he is...?...servicing me.(Hahahahaaa!)

I promised my mama I would not be so vulgar anymore. So that is ALL I will say about that.

I think Micah's new name is now, Delicous...


We spent a lot of time together, as you do when your a couple, and I loved pretty much every moment of it. He was super funny, and just amazingly insightful for a boy...never thought I'd say that!? Maybe it's the fact that he was a year older? (I had a habit of dating younger men—not on purpose, it just happened)

I love that point when you realise that even though your hot for each other, you're also great friends. It makes managing the lustful side a hang of a lot easier, because you know that even when your not feeling so hot, that other person still wants to be around you.

Micah was becoming my best friend. Someone I could confide all my sh*t to, all my happy, sad, crazy, spazzy moments—and trust me there were quite a few!

It was nice...I had had that with Drew, to a point, but I guess his immaturity won out a few more times than I would have liked—why the fudge am I comparing my relationships?!?! Arghh! I'm stopping it...right now!

There is only so much time in a day, and sometimes you have to prioritise...I hadn't been doing that too well over the last few weeks.

The whole thing of when you fall in love, you fall hard...

Everything around you starts to look less happy than when your with that person.
You count the hours until you can see them again....then the sun comes back.

I had been struggling to put in the hours at work. Always leaving whenever I could. Not just because of Micah, but I really wasn't enjoying it anymore...
My agent had been getting me more auditions, which meant more leaving work with a “sore stomach” and all that other BS. I didn't feel bit.

Apart from those two things I had pretty much ignored everything else.
I hadn't vacuumed my house in like, two weeks? (Gross) and there was a pile of dirty dishes and masses of dirty clothes that had my name written ALL over them. [groan]

Reality had start to set in, but was still waiting for responsibility to catch up...I was burying my head in the sand.

To be continued....